Thursday, 11 February 2016

Gourmet SkiSafari // Italian Dolomites // Alta Badia // Crystal Ski

When I think of a ski trip I think of lots of snow, roaring fires and being outdoors active. Nothing quite compares to a chalet Holiday and only once you've done it will you be hooked! I recently took my adventures to the Italian Dolomites to Alta Badia to discover what else you could do in the mountains other than non stop skiing. Exploring what else you can get involved with were my top priories for this trip, so I went on a Gourmet SkiSafari and found that a ski holiday is as much about the excellent cuisine as it is about the ski...

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Going Outdoors // Dungaree Denim Dress, Boots and Tights Outfits

annie bean blogger

It is bloody cold at the moment isn't it?! Really, it should be no surprise as it is in fact February, but I never seem to dress appropriately especially as all the shops have started introducing their summer looks. I'm teased by swimwear, pastel floaty tops and sparkly sandals... when really I need super thick tight, chunky boots and a nice warm woollen hat! 

I went to Wensleydale with my best friends the other weekend (where it was absolutely freezing), basically just to have a really chilled out time. No going out, just snuggled up with lots of tea, long dog walks, girly catch ups and all of us wrapped up playing games in the evening. It was exactly what I needed after such a crazy run up to Christmas, so this was my time to unwind, reflect and get prepared mentally for 2016. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

What should you pack in your gym bag?

What should you be packing in your gym bag? That's a never ending question really because it all depends on your training session. I have actually got a number of gym bags that I use for each training day, for example I have a specific swimming bag that has my paddles, my float, my goggles and my swim plan for that day.  Then my basic gym bag will have a water bottle, a towel, my iPod, items for showering (if obviously I'm heading elsewhere straight after) and of course a banana for post workout.

So I've decided to give you a bit more detail into what I'm packing for each kind of workout to give you some guidance. As I'm loving the collection from New Look at the moment all items are from their super fitness fashion savvy and affordable sports range.

Gym Gear 2016

I'd say this is your cross fit style work out, so it could be just a weights session, a quick bike blast or something more intense. With this I've put it down as being a personal workout rather than a group session so this has a music band so you can absorb yourself in your music and get down to business! Water bottle is always essential and I find if I take one that looks nice I'm more likely to use it and remember it!

Running Gear 2016

Running is obviously going to be in the gym, or it could be a running club where you have a base first, either way these are some fun items to throw in. A super cheap fitness watch for the very basic monitoring, reflective leggings with a splash of coral and of course a vest that yells I'm a runner! Big bag for this as no doubt a large towel for a well needed shower would be joining me!

Yoga Gear 2016

Less is more for this one as not everyone has their own yoga mat, I do but that's my personal choice. For me yoga is primarily about comfort and soft flexible fabrics. I've added in yoga shoes because sometimes from heat my feet have slipped - these just give you that extra stability when tackling harder poses. A namaste vest with very simple black fitness leggings really keep this look simple with a classic black backpack. 

Swim Gear 2016

I tend to train in a swimming costume that holds everything in and is supportive, but when you just want a quick easy go in the pool then having fun with your swim suit is no harm - right?! Loving this zig zag print so much I've even made sure the swim bag is covered in it too! Goggles are a must but more so than anything you should always take flip-flops.... I can't really say that enough. Public swimming pools are notorious for spreading poorly bugs so at least keep those feet safe! Joggers and a nice hoodie to change into because Lycra after swimming is no ones friend - you'll be there for ages wrestling your clothes on! 

Ta-da! There you go! Really easy bits you can pick up for super cheap that you can train in. Lots of people think you need to spend the world to start getting fit, but you really don't. Most of these categories can actually be used for most exercise workouts. All I will say is invest in a good pair of trainers and a sports bra and everything is easy.  If you liked this post you'll love my ultimate fitness finds for February on my YouTube channel on Wednesday - from affordable highstreet to top sports brands. Get subscribing now

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Coast To Coast American Restaurant & Bar // Breakfast Menu // Review

coast to coast breakfast
coast2 coast leicester review

As you may be aware breakfast is my MOST favourite meal of the day. I just feel incomplete without it. Don't get me wrong I love my morning cup of coffee, but minus some kind of breakfast I'm more than likely not to have much of a productive day and that is why I'm very active in spreading the word about how important breakfast is.

As you can imagine I was over the moon to tie in my morning shopping trip in Leicester with a cheeky stop off avec my hubby for a spot of breakfast at Coast to Coast  American Restaurant, Leicester Highcross. I've never been for a breakfast before but we've previously been when it first opened for dinner, and that was a rolling home happy experience! So you can imagine my sheer excitement over trying their breakfast after we were invited the other week.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Spruce Up Your Living Room // Lifestyle

spruce your living room

I have been living in my home for 2 years and only since the New Year am I finally getting down to redecorating. We bought the house so it's ours to do as we wish, but being honest we just have not had a single penny to put into it. We got married in July 2015 which took up so much time and money, then I left my full time job to go freelance (which is always a bit bumpy at points) and basically the house remained the same. Very, very brown and 1960's had clearly made it's mark... if you catch my drift.

Anyway so it's a New Year and all I can think about is making this place ours. I am sick of looking at textured wallpaper, brown tiles and dodgy flower prints - it is time to make this reflect our personality...