Wednesday, 16 April 2014

WISHLIST: Bank Holiday Best Buys

Bank Holiday Best Buys

Jacket - Warehouse Slouchy Boyfriend Jacket - £60.00
Heels - Spartoo Chie Mihara Obanai Beige - £195.49
Top - Next Sleeveless Utility Shirt - £35.00
Necklace - Accessorize Connie Statement Necklace - £25.00
Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins Flower Cut-out Bracelet - £8.50
Bag - Topshop Leather Daisy Crossbody Bag - £40.00

I can finally breathe... the long weekend is nearly upon us and quite honestly I cannot wait!  Me and the boy have lots of adventures planned including trying out Segways at Go Ape.  Have you given it a go? 
We've also got this Rum and Reggae night at the Orange Tree in Loughborough, so I am praying the weather behaves itself.  
The items I've chosen have been items I feel you could wear for some drinks at Rum and Reggae night or maybe going for lunch over the bank holiday. 

What do you think?


Monday, 14 April 2014

SmallcarBIGCITY London Review

Whenever I come to London I always say how I'd like for once not be in a rush to get somewhere and to just enjoy seeing what the city has to offer.  When I was much younger I saw places on the open top bus tour, but being honest it didn't make a massive impact as I don't remember much. Having nothing planned whilst staying for a weekend in London? Wow what a rare opportunity... I knew I needed to embrace the fact the weekend was mine to do as I wished and a tour of London was top priority. 
After asking the beloved folk on twitter about how best to be a tourist in London, I was told about a small tour company SmallcarBIGCITY.  After investigating further it turned out this was a unique sight seeing company in London that took you around the city in Classic British mini coopers.  I was immediately won over already after meeting our car Rosie... But that wasn't the best of it....  
Whilst browsing the website I discovered there were a number of tours to go on and some that were themed.  For myself and my man we went with the Italian Job which meant we dressed in blue boiler suits, flat caps and zoomed about the city with our gold in the boot! What a genius theme! 
Booked in and all confirmed by the kind staff we were collected straight from our London hotel, given our travel attire then escorted off on our tour.  The scene was set by our driver Edward, (who might I add also had his Italian Job costume on) and the Beatles tunes coming out the speakers, which all really emphasised the theme all the more. 
 I was mildly concerned that we may be squashed in huge back but if I can get in and my 6 foot boyfriend can, then I don think here are any major problems.  

Edward initially asked where we would like to go but as we told him we were happy with what he suggested, he was more than happy to drive along telling tales of London's history.  Even though the tours have destination guidelines, each tour is different and can be adapted to your needs.  We absolutely loved our Northern driver who was super knowledgeable on all things London (even when quizzed!) 
I was slightly intrigued as to how such a tour would work but Edward truly took it in his stride, making it personal but also really educationally interesting too. We visited a wide variety of places in the 90minutes, but plenty more than I would of anticipated with the potential London traffic. 
Overall I'd say if you don't want to be hopping on and off busses and instead want a personal tour with a twist, then I can't fault SmallcarBIGCITY at all.  With our beautiful car Rosie and chatty Edward it was amazing to zip about - you also get lots of photos being taken of you... You feel like a celebrity! 

Prices vary but this particular tour was £139.00.  

Have you been on a London tour? 


Next Summer New In Collection Press Day

Out of all the brands I work with Next is by far one of my favourites, not only do they deliver beautiful garments they also are such an amazing team to collaborate with.
I was invited to see their summer new in collection at the uber stylish Soho Hotel, a venue I visited ages ago and it was exactly how I recall it; quirky and chic.
As always with a Next event we are spoilt rotten with not only a preview of new collections, but also some sort of activity and today was about being pampered!  We could get our hair done (something I always need doing) and nails as well.  With nails you could select 1 of 4 designs created by a very talented nail team - I loved mine! What do you think?
My hair looked so much better after the team from the Blow Ltd vamped it up, the lovely girl who saved my hair gave me some great tips for looking after my locks too.

After getting both nails and hair done I decided to browse the collections for SS14 from Next.  Firstly  I was seeing a lot of pastels but in the candy colour tones, which are very very popilar for this upcoming season. 
Every single possible summer occasion you can think of from weddings to festivals to holidays to just general everyday fashion.  Nothing was 'boring' everything was interesting with lots of patterns in the likes of florals, Aztec and summer inspired.
Alongside pastels there were lots of fun floral prints and equally exciting pattern items.  I loved seeing lots of pleats, one of this seasons firm favourites and there is a beautiful candy coloured pleated skirt in the SS14 collections.
The pale colours were just amazing and I wanted everything, but I totally fell in love with their sandals.  I especially loved the chunky ones in the off pink below, but equally so the pointed sling back metallic ones are ideal to create edge with a pastel dominating look.
Big fan of this rucksack, as I cycle most places I can't seem to find a sturdy one that is fashionable they are either sturdy and boring or fun and fall apart.
Loved the bag above as a simple and stylish clutch which is ideal for summer weddings and garden parties.  Added to a simple frock or maybe bright coloured top and chino = fashion perfection! 
Of course at every single Next event I am tempted by everything they display food wise... These little delicious goodies above were ridiculously tasty!
The super stylish Next ladies all had patterned shift dresses on in a variety of colours, but each I was told are new for this season.  I don't know about you but Next doing this 6 years ago? I know I couldn't believe it either they've come so far.
After seeing what Next have ready for SS14 all I wanted to do was venture off on holiday, but instead in true British form it of course decided to rain.  None the less as soon as the sun has got his hat on I know what I'm buying for my summer wardrobe!

                                                            Annie xoxo

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sleep Well with Febreze Sleep Serenity 
You'd think with the amount of activities I do on a daily basis I'd get to 10pm and be out for the count, however this is unfortunately untrue and quite honestly I suffer from disturbed sleep.  Don't get me wrong sometimes I'll go straight off to sleep but often I have night terrors, nightmares, nocturnal seizures and insomnia... so just to name a few!
dr guy meadows 
When I was younger I used be overcome with fear about being the last one awake, so with such anxiety I'd always wake in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep.
hotel flower arrangements 
Like with my epilepsy I have to stick to a strict daily routine in order to maintain 'normality' with my day to day life.  I can't eat unhealthy items, I can't really drink caffeine, I shouldn't be using electronic items after a certain time and so on, but once I seem to have resolved a good sleep pattern I'll fall off the waggon and keep re offending doing things I know I shouldn't.charlotte street junior suite
firmdale hotels interior 
I received an email last week from Febreze in relation to their brand new collection of Febreze Sleep Serenity items, which are all geared up to create a tranquil smelling space for you to sleep in.  As you can imagine I jumped at the chance after having a week from hell.
 Recently I've not been looking after myself, stressing, worrying, feeling anxious and generally starting to become a bit down like I used to.  I knew it had to stop so I didn't fall back into the bad thinking pattern like I once did when the world was on my shoulders, so decided to see what they had planned and embrace it.
dr guy meadows book review
The Sleep Book by Dr Guy Meadows - £9.99

Dr Guy Meadows who is the author of The Sleep Book was offering his advice of how to gain a good nights sleep.  In preparation to the run up to us staying away after taking a survey, I discovered I am a 'Walking Zombie' sleeper... in other words very disjointed sleep.  

Off I went to The Charlotte Street Hotel just round the corner from Goodge Street station for an evening full of relaxation.  With Mummy Bean joining me I was ready to go and relax after what had seemed like a bundle of stress.  
The Chatlotte Street Hotel junior suite 500
book shelf
Reading before bed really settles the mind

The evening had all been planned out for us in the beautifully designed hotel with a light meal followed by a film and a good nights sleep.  We checked in at the hotel and were escorted to our suite, which might I add had its own floor... I was made to feel at such ease I was immediately relaxed on entering!  

The room had goodies scattered all around for me to find and all were to aid me in getting a good nights sleep and have a relaxing experience.
Reviews hotels Charlotte Street
Annie Bean does hotel reviews

 The room decor was spectacular (just like the rest of the hotel) and looking out the window I felt like I was viewing a scene from Mary Poppins!  To be honest I didn't feel like I was in the busy city of London as the whole room was total bliss.

All around the suite, aromas of lavender and jasmine laced the air making it already a calming setting for our evening.  My mum was shattered from juggling all her work and I was mentallu exhausted, so we were both very ready for this and quickly settled in for the evening planned ahead.  It was really refreshing for once that neither of us had organised anything ourselves, because that's pretty much what we both do all the time for everyone else.  We could finally be selfish and but ourselves first.
febreze sleep spray
febreze sleeping
bedtime tips
Eye masks are a super way to block out any possible light to ensure a good nights sleep

The list was endless for what to watch but after carefully browsing through we decided (my favourite film) The Devil Wears Prada. After our food was delivered and we'd finished watching Eastenders, we curled up to watch a happy and light hearted film.  

Dr Guy's The Sleep Book gives great tips on how to get a good nights sleep. After always believing that if I wake up it is best to get up make a drink etc, he advises to "instead take a moment to notice how the pillow feels on your face and the movement of your breath."  He continues onto explain that its aim is to cultivate a gentle relationship with discomfort of not being able to sleep, this is done by telling your brain all is okay and it doesn't need to keep you from sleeping. 

I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before!  You can also find Top Ten Sleep Hits of how to sleep and other hints on the Febreze website.
A wonderfully delicious meal whilst watching a happy film

Febreze has three scents for bedtime; moonlit lavender, quiet jasmine and warm milk & honey.  There is the bedroom mist (normal room spray), bedroom diffuser, and also the bedding spray which to be lightly spritzed on your pillow before bedtime.  
Sometimes some scents can be overpowering and with me cause headache but these were very delicate.
Lavender was scattered across the bed and some surfaces to give off its beautiful aroma
I would be lying if I was to say the Febreze Sleep Serenity collection was the only reason I had a good nights sleep, but one thing I will say is that it most certainly helped.  The bedsheets, the quiet evening, the scents and the general relaxation all played a significant part in me having such a wonderful experience.  

You can pick up Febreze Sleep Serenity products from a number of shops, but don't forget they have a special Silent night Febreze Soft Touch Pillow, which is slightly scented (and extremely comfy) to give you that extra push into the dreamland.

Sweet dreams.



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