Thursday, 30 October 2014

LG Slow Fashion with Ashley Williams

As you may recall over the past few years I've worked quite closely with LG around their slow fashion campaign.  The whole idea behind it is to look after your clothes by washing them well and properly so that they don't damage, shrink or the colour fades... we've all had that happen before.  Apparently us British folk ruin 1-2 clothing items a year! How crazy is that.

We spend so much money buying items that don't last, a lot of that is purely down to how we wash and care for our clothes.  LG have worked during London Fashion Week to promote this campaign and have now collaborated with one of my favourite designers, Ashley Williams.


LG Electronics, (the Official Garment Care Supplier to London Fashion Week) have celebrated their partnership with British fashion designer Ashley William by launching the limited edition Ashley Williams for LG Garment Carrier.  A must have item as it gives us fashion lovers a full garment care solution from laundry basket right through to our next outing... perfect for the various events we're off to.  I hate the fear of creasing my outfit so this is a fashion must! Frustrating don't you think?
You can get this exclusive bespoke Ashley Williams for LG Garment Carrier from It even features a classic Ashley Williams print and is only £35!

This is the first collaboration with LG for Ashley Williams;
"My Spring Summer 15 collection has been inspired by how the East and the West has responded to the 60's and 70's cultural revolutions. As a designer, I'm constantly looking at ways of bringing the past into the present by modernising and re-interpreting fads and trends. Sometimes though, it would be nice to have the original garment still intact."

This partnership is the brand’s 7th consecutive season as the Official Garment Care Supplier to London Fashion Week As you may have seen in my previous posts, the LG Steam Team play a key role working backstage keeping items fresh and ready to hit the catwalk. 

The LG unique 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machine is a key item in sustainable fashion, it has settings such as wool, baby care and many more to keep your clothes from getting damaged.

If you'd like to see my previous LG Slow Fashion posts click here and here 


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Making your own curtains

For the past few weekends I seem to be dedicating to revamping my home.  I have been in this house for just over a year and I’m starting to chip away at certain elements to bring the house up to date. I actually took a course to learn to make my own curtains which was an amazing idea but a long process!  I somehow managed to select the heaviest fabric with a pattern – school girl error!  Basically I made curtain making harder than I needed to.  Typical.

I know this may not be the most exciting post but I wanted to give you ideas on how to keep costs down with curtain making and also picked out some amazing readymade curtains.  I used to associate curtain buying on the same level as hunting for a sofa or going into a carpet shop...snoozefest... but it doesn’t have to be like that. 

Where to start

First things first, you can make curtains yourself.  You will save a lot more money than buying any from a shop and you’re far more likely to have a pair that is a perfect fit. 
If money is your issue and you can’t afford to pay for curtain material and go on a course then you can use the wonderful world of YouTube to guide you.  For most of my DIY stuff (including up cycling my old desk) I have used some sort of online video.  I’ve popped an easy to follow below to create basic lined curtains, but also have a look at this website for more details. 


Fabric doesn’t have to be super expensive either; my fabric was from a local fabric specific shop and heavy duty upholstery fabric.  They are so tough that I am actually struggling to find a curtain pole to hold them up! 

A lot of local markets have some great material and affordable prices, just work out how thick you want your curtains to be and colour etc and I’m sure you will find something appropriate.


You will need sewing needles and thread – you can get these from cheap Poundland style shops but you do get what you pay for.  Depending on fabric density you can bend needles and pins easily.  So invest well if you want your curtains to keep but you won’t have to pay the earth.

A good pair of scissors is essential.  I made a few errors when making mine by simply using bad scissors as the cut wasn’t as crisp as it could be. 

Buying a sewing machine is a must if you are making your own curtains.  You can spend a lot of money on one but equally so you don’t have to as there are many available.  For me personally I’d go for middle range then that way you have a semi decent one for future sewing.  Really good ones tend to be a Singer sewing machine, but there are numerous out there so instead of going to specific sewing shops try somewhere like Tescos (they have a number available)

Once you’ve made curtains once you’ll be flying through your next.  It is time consuming but in the long run you’ve made something yourself, saved money and developed a great life skill. 


Some places do provide readymade curtains and you can get some beautiful fabrics that can brighten up any room.  I do enjoy making my own but sometimes I love some fabric so much that I’d prefer readymade.

Laura Ashley is often a key choice for me but you can often get the fabric to make your own.  It is quite expensive but you do get quality fabric.  My Mum has used Laura Ashley for years to create curtains and cushions etc.   However if you’re looking for simple items try Ikea and H&M but remember they may need lining anyway as the fabric tends to be pretty thin.  Try Tesco, Next, House of Fraser etc for some other choices. 

I’m on an ongoing hunt for a decent curtain pole that can cater to very heavy curtains but I’m struggling.  Anyone know of any?  Ideally I’m after a none extending one as they don’t hold the weight.

If you do decide to get sewing machine happy and create your own curtains make sure you let me know how you get on.  I’m going to make some for my new office!



Monday, 27 October 2014

Make Up: Less is more or more is less? #barefacedorbold

Whenever you're popping on a natural make up look to suddenly think I fancy going all out today? Or when you're wearing that standout coral lippy, you're thinking maybe a natural look is better? I honestly have those fights in the mirror whilst doing my make up most days. Do we need to consider the expression.. less is more?

Keeping this in mind Westfield has a stylish movie called “Less is more, more is more”, with the key aim to show how us girls sometimes prefer our make-up either bold or natural.

You will have heard of the legendary Westfield if you haven't managed to shop there. If you haven't, my goodness you're missing out, it's literally a shoppers paradise... you could spend days there! Anyways they have two major shopping centres – Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City.

"The artistic video directed by Lacey is a quirky beauty film mixing live footage with stop-frame to bring this “bare-faces or bold” concept."

After watching it myself it still amazes me that just by adjusting a shade of your eyeshadow or using a new lipstick can totally transform your look. If you have a peak at the video you'll understand what I mean. I loved her exaggerated silvery eye make up towards the end... what was your favourite?

For me after seeing this innovative film I'd probably say I keep my make up more natural... but I guess I'm not very eager to be a bold! It's actually given me some great inspiration for bold AW14 looks - especially for upcoming Christmas parties and social gatherings!

What do you think you'd be? Have a look at Westfield's blog Pulse as there are a number of different things going on to give you some inspiration for AW14.

Have a peak at the video, love, share it and let me know if you're more bare faced or bold by using the hashtag #barefacedorbold


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Become a Zombie for Halloween

You may or may not of seen from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that I've had a creative Sunday!  I have been creating a Zombie look for Halloween this coming Friday.  I'm having a big Halloween party and I'm going at Snow Fright who is a Zombie so I've decided to share my journey of making a frightening look!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

British Weather Highstreet Fashion AW14

Doesn’t it feel that recently the weather has suddenly turned into a scene from Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day?! It’s cold, it’s rainy and quite frankly I’m ready to hibernate. 

The other day I was walking to work in my dog walking raincoat, trainers and my most comfortable clothing possible.  Doesn’t sound awful but might I remind you I was going to work like that.  Normally I make a big effort for work (even though we have a smart casual policy) but today I couldn’t see the point as I was going to look like a drowned rat regardless. With all this in mind it made me question how can we make AW14 fashion adaptable for the British weather? It’s all well and good seeing these models looking crisp and beautiful... but they are totally untouched by anything the UK weather has throws them, we on the other hand, aren’t so lucky.
I’ve gone through each of my favourite brands and selected some of their key AW14 items and chosen those which will keep you warm  whilst still keeping in fashion.  Some don’t have anything to cater to those rainy days, but I’m on the hunt for that and will update you soon. 
F&F AW14 Top Picks

Monday, 20 October 2014

Things that go bump in the night!

Halloween is creeping up on us all super fast.  I am for once ridiculously organised (unlike my other half) and have my costume pretty much ready! But the main reason being is because we're hosting our first big Halloween party... so the host has to be sorted!

I know some of you don't have a clue what you're going to wear for 31st, so I decided I'd throw together some ideas for you.  The key area I'm looking at is Fairy tales and have put three mood boards together for Snow White, Tinkerbell and Alice in Wonderland.

Zombie Snow White
I do love a good fairytale and to be honest unless you live in the USA, (where everyone dresses as anything on Halloween) you have to go as something gruesome as most do in the UK.  By selecting a fairytale character you can take the simple, well known, innocent look and create something far from angelic!

You can get some amazing costumes pretty much already done for you then just by adding a few extra bits can really make it look super cool!  With Snow White she needs red shoes so I've found these beautiful red Kurt Geiger one,s (who said a Zombie can't be stylish) fake red blood from Accessorize, lots of dark make up and some ripped zombie style tights from Claire's. 

Zombie Tinkerbell

Got a niggle? Get a #Nigglefix with Triumph Magic Wire

A Niggle Shared is a Niggle Halved! 

As women we all have to put up with numerous lifestyle 'niggles'... you know those frustrating things we have to put up with as women that no man could ever understand.  Like how there is always a huge queue for the womens loos! What's that about? You're perplexed how other women can't get in and out as quick as you, and of course there is no queue in the mens...  Typical.  Another great one is cramming your flats in your handbag for a not so crafty change from your 'I can't walk in these' heels.  I'm always having to do that or my toes would be non exsistant!

Anyways so we all have little niggles but the other day I had what I'd call the most annoying niggle.  I was doing a big clothes wash and had to wear a bra I don't normally, I couldn't understand why I hadn't but trust me as the day went on I realised why I'd abadoned it to the bottom of my drawer! The underwire kept digging right into my rib as I sat at my work desk, making a very uncomfortable and frankly a fidget for the entire day. Goody.

After my day of bra niggle I actually got an email the other day about a new style of bra from Triumph... they've created a supportive bra with no underwire. It actually sounded too good to be true, how the devil would it support a fuller chest? Well it's all down to a very clever piece of silicone in their new Magic Wire bra which supports without the wires that dig in. To top it off there is also a built in mesh stabilizer which helps to give additional support whilst you're on the move.  So the bra shuffle can now be striked off the women niggles list!

With Triumph solving one of the big niggles that us women face, they're encourage UK women to use the hashtag #nigglefix on social media platforms too share their niggles! So anything from saggy tights (I can't stand them) or saggy jeans to frizzy hair (think Monica from Friends style). Triumph will then take some of the niggles posted on both Twitter and Facebook, illustrate the most common problems and then call on the community to suggest their best possible solutions. The solutions will then be illustrated back to the community with the outcomes!  Hey, you may even get some tips on how to deal with your biggest niggle.... mine is gonna have to be the saggy tights now that my bra issue has been solved!

You can find out more about this campaign from Triumph by visiting .  You will find the niggle fix hero video, Magic Wire product video (see how it works), product information, press and blogger reviews and the upcoming SUFF Magic Wire roadshows. 
Fed up with lifes little niggles too? Go on what's you niggle? Share it with us @TriumphUK #nigglefix
*This post was written in association with Triumph* 
All thoughts/opinions are my own


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