Tuesday, 1 September 2015

#MyBath | Bath Time with Matalan Direct

matalan bloggers mybath

It's very rare I stop and get the chance to relax. I ran a half marathon this week for my marathon training, my body aches all over and I'm so busy I'm not sure if I'm going to meet myself on the way going backwards. With this all being said it'll come at no surprise that I was all over this new campaign from Matalan Direct called #MyBath.  

Matalan Direct are celebrating the fact they now offer bathrooms, which is pretty good because Matalan are normally very affordable meaning it could be cheap to renovate.  I was sent a special package from the Matalan Direct team containing a big fluffy towel, a Coconut Vanilla diffuser, a Coconut Vanilla big chunky candle and a gift card. The #MyBath campaign was about creating the perfect bathtime experience, something I often take the time for and Matalan Direct were interested to see what I created to compliment what I purchased.

Firstly the fragrance I chose is quite smooth and warming so I wanted my bathtime products to reflect that. The candle is nice and chunky making it ideal for the side of the bath tub, although be careful if you do decide to put it on the side of the bath. You can always leave the candle on the side out of the way. The diffuser is a great touch because it leaves the bathroom with that rich aroma regardless of whether it is bath time.

I have found that my head will slip down in the bath so a pillow was a must for this particular bathtime pamper. I also got a really good loofer to give me that soft skin I've been craving all week, but firstly I needed some bubbles. Even though normally I'd of gone for a really rich type of bubble bath, I really needed a muscle relaxing one after all my running this week! 
Smooth skin
I always like to exfoliate as much as I can, especially for the ease of hair removal so I had to get Soap & Glory exfoliator, Pulp Friction but also their body wash too called Orangeasm for a zesty rinse afterwards. I love some of their scents and that exfoliator is just amazing! 
Lush hair
I bought the new Patene Pro-V Keratin shampoo and conditioner and also a Dove hair mask. Indulgent hair washing is one of my favourite bath time activities, washing your hair so it is all beautifully clean then leaving a hair mask on whilst reading a magazine! It is certainly my idea of perfection.
Beautiful complexion
I tend to put a facemask on at this point too and the Nip & Fab  Bee Sting Fix Uplifting max one is perfect for this. It increases blood circulation gently plumping out., giving you soft supple skin. Finally I finished up with Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, my all time favourite product as it leaves you feel pure lush!

Bathtime should be relaxing and that is exactly what I got out of this experience. I've had candles in the bathroom before but I tend to use unscented ones just for a simplicity, however I loved having such a beautiful smell filling the bathroom whilst I relaxed. I'm about ready for bed now after that! Thanks Matalan  Direct for asking me to be a part of the campaign, if you want to discover more about Matalan Direct and their bathrooms and accessories have a look here.

*Gift card for products provided by Matalan Direct - beauty choices my own. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Austria's Mountains and Lakes | Summertime in the Mountains

tirol holiday review

Thinking about Austria and the first thing that springs to mind is the Sound of Music. The hills are alive and do a dear, seem to swarm my mind as I'm typing this, so you can only imagine when I was in those very hills what kept rolling through my head! I wasn't off to Saltzberg to where the Sound of Music was filmed, I was actually off to the area of Tirol to Seefeld and Pertisau to indulge in the scenery of mountains and lakes.

I always thought if I was heading into Austria I'd go to Saltzberg and that wouldn't be able to top anything, but after my recent trip I discovered perhaps the popular areas of the country weren't the only place to see.
I have never seen such simplistic and stunning scenery like I saw when I went to see the mountains in the summer, no photos can really do it justice but hopefully you'll find what I have taken to provide a taster.

austria mountains
travel blogger austria
summertime in Austria

I travelled to Seefeld to begin my time in Austria. I was going hiking, biking and anything possible to absorb as much as I could in my five days. I landed in Innsbruck and had around about a 30 minute transfer from the airport to Seefeld, I was staying at the Hotel Bergresort which had stunning scenery from anywhere you looked. It was very peaceful until a train would rush by at the station just across the way, but to be honest you barely noticed it as the views made up for it.

Friday, 28 August 2015

The AW15 Western Country Meets 70's Style

Did you know I adore country music? Well, I do....big time. To be honest I have somewhat of an eclectic taste in genres from my background in music, but right now as I type this I'm absorbing most of my Spotify time discovering new country stars. Anyways so I'm a big fan of country singer Kacey Musgraves - I love her. My husband and I hoping to go and catch one of her shows on the UK tour as well. This got me thinking about country inspired style and taking some inspiration from Kacey herself.

AW15 style is gradually seeping its way onto the highstreet and so I've created some looks which pull off from a western theme. I recently bought some cowboy boots from a vintage shop so I've been working out ways to add them to the upcoming season looks, whilst featuring some other keys trends.

Keep it traditionally fun
Country Western Style AW15

I'm not talking going full out Dolly Parton but some western inspired items are classics for a reason.  This shirt from Topshop pulls the look together, tucked into this blue denim front zip midi skirt from Whistles and edgy patterned boots from Office make this western modern.

Double Denim Does It

Cowgirl style

I couldn't add cowboy boots could I? Huge fan again of an adaptation of a classic. If you have looked on my Instagram you will spot a pair I picked up from a vintage shop in Nottingham. Places that sell cowboy boits specifically will cost you a lot so hunt around charity and vintage shops for a bargain. 
You may be thinking... 'double denim isn't that a fashion sin?' you're right I would usually agree but I reckon in the right context can look pretty damn smart. Tuck the shirt into the jeans and add a skinny belt for the ultimate look.

Suede, Fringing and Top Tan

kacey country trend

Oh yes gotta love a bit of fringing. Totally fallen in love with some of the AW15 goodies from River Island especially the fringed cap! Slip on suede mules from Aldo keep a western vibe without just keeping everything booted. Floaty top from F&F (loads of great bits from their AW15 collection) compliaments the high waisted River Island shorts well which would ideally be tucked in too. 

Gimme that 70's Vibe

western 1970 style

It would be a sin to forget a look with a checked shirt, and this mustard one from Topshop gives a stylish step away from the classic red. For this look I'd wear the skirt and fringed top with the shirt left open. It's quite a 70's meets country vibe for this look.

Cool Country Casuals 

aw15 trend country style

I love to dress down and this is my favourite look for that. Big fan of these dunagrees and Oliver Bonas casual hat. Tshirt is rather fun too and it all just works by picking up key trends for the casual western ensemble.

What do you think? What is your key piece for AW15 in this style?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bloggers lunch at Peter Pizzeria

peter pizzeria Loughborough Leicester

It seems that Peter Pizzeria love us bloggers, so much that us lucky locals got invited to go sample their lunchtime menu. What a great excuse for us to have a catch up and have some tasty Peter goodies.

It can be really tough as a blogger trying to 'make it', so sometimes collating a group of like minded ones together can be a great move in terms of learning and developing. I previously organised a meet up for local bloggers in Peter Leicester which was a big hit, so I knew they'd love to have a catch up over the NEW lunch menu.

lunch menu peter pizzeria

Panini, panini, panini! The lunch menu is ALL about the paninis and my goodness they are tasty. We had a chat with Dom who run Peter Loughborough and he went through the various combinations they'd put together, and the names and reasons behind their naming. The names reflected their connections to their Italian roots and personal passions.

good places to eat leicester
Panini peter pizzeria

1. Pensa per me. (Think for me).
Salami with fennel, smoked mozzarella, rocket.

2. Carne manca. (Meat is missing)
Peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, rocket.

3. Gomorrah
Sausage, cooked sauce, mozzerella.

4. Super Mortadella Bros.
Mortadella, mozzerella, peppers, rocket.

5.Gorgonzola Higuain.
Gorgonzola, Parma ham, rocket.

6.San Siro.
Mozzerella, pesto, artichoke, rocket, cherry tomatoes

It's great to see Peter offering something other than just pizza... I mean their pizzas are amazing but sometimes for lunch you don't quite want a whole pizza! It's so good to know you can pop in for lunch and still get something tasty. The paninis cover quite a range of flavours and textures, all made in house with their legendary dough as seen in their pizzas. I don't know which is my favourite but the top two I'd say have to be Pensa per me (named after the owners Grandads dog and his intelligent abilities) and the San Siro. I'm feeling hungry just typing this... anyone fancy lunch?! 

Oh sorry I forgot to mention we finished with an adaptation of the ultimate Peter treat the Peterella... yep, Nutella oozing goodness was created into a panini. Makes eating the chocolate goo far easier! 
nutella peterella panini
Thanks Peter for having us again, looking forward to seeing the new menu launch. I love the local bloggers - I've made some really good friends from it so we're hoping to have us meet up every so often and chat about the world of blogging! Get involved if you fancy joining us next time by leaving me a comment with your blog details.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Interior Ideas for Your Spare Room | HOME

We are lucky to have two decent sized double bedrooms, with one being the master bedroom and the other the guest bedroom. I say the term guest bedroom lightly because to be honest it is a bit of a dumping ground. It is next on my 'to-do' list because we do have people stopping over a lot and quite frankly I am fed up of cringing each time we have a guest.

This post is a bit selfish because it is for me to gain some inspiration, but also I hope it is inspiring for those of you in the same position as me. Firstly the walls have been painted from baby blue to white. I always think if you don't have a specific theme or lots of money, white paint will brighten everything up then when you can do something more adventurous you can deal with it then. New carpet is a must and we're going to use local East Midlands company The PPM to sort it out - they basically organise it all and fit it for super cheap. Saves me the time and hassle!

Furniture wise there isn't much going on other than a cheap flat pack wardrobe that I cannot stand. It serves it's purpose but it's ugly and won't really go...it has to go! We need a bed as at present we have an inflatable mattress, then there is nothing else so I'm hunting for some interior ideas.

country western room

Big fan of this country inspired room and I'd probably say this would be favourite out of my creations. I do always fear a room like this may look a bit out of sorts in the summer, but with the right fabrics it should be okay. The grey furniture makes it warm and would work well with my plain white walls. The divan bed is a great idea for extra storage actually with the drawer undearneath, I hadn't realised that because of our room layout we're rather limited. Added stags and cactus for a fun twist on country - the cactus are low maintenance too.

paris interior design 

Simplistic and as monochrome as possible, this to me is very classy especially with the spotlight inspired lamp. I love anything french or Paris related so had to add in the classic chic vibe to the design. Again grey furniture works well, I did think about darker furniture for this one but it could look a bit intense, light wooden floors would be a great choice to keep any dark furniture from making the room glum. Storage for this one could be under the bed with plastic tubs and obviously in the wardrobe too. 

pop art inspired room

I had to put in something quirky. This is all your bold primary colours and excitable prints. Could date fairly easy but if kept simple with these fun tones then it could look fantastic, it also could potentially out do any room you've already got! Big fan of a chunky looking chair like this because when it isn't a guest room, that could be a great spot to curl up and read a book on.  

beach room

Who doesn't love the beach? Well, this is great for the bright and calm feel it creates but just like the first you're in danger of looking lost whilst it's winter. Also unless you live near the seaside it could look rather daft. It doesn't have to be beach orientated with the signs etc, you can play the theme down and still get that vibrant inspiring room you're after. 

What do you think is best for a spare room interior look? Do you go all out or stick to simple? 

*This is a sponsored post*

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

St Pierre Marriott Hotel and Country Club, Chepstow | REVIEW |

wales st pierre hotel review

If you haven't noticed I got married recently! After the magical occasion, the dramas and the exhaustion of it all, my husband and I decided to take a well needed break after our wedding. This wasn't our honeymoon, this was our minimoon for a quick get away from the wedding madness! We won't be doing our honeymoon until next year so decided to venture to Wales to the resort boasting an extensive golf course, the 14th century St Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Chepstow. We were taking our mountains bikes to go exploring around the area surrounding, and take a trip to the PuzzleWoods to discover where J.R Tolken got his Lord of The Rings inspiration.

marigold cottage st pierre hotel
I'd never been to the area before but all I wanted from this trip was a chance to catch up with myself. We were very kindly invited to the Marriott St Pierre for a complimentary nights stay, with us paying for the additional night. I wanted to stay longer to give us a better break and more of an overview of what it was all about.  I couldn't wait and the relief of a fun road trip with my husband was the perfect way to celebrate our new relationship status.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Monthly Wishlist | August

trends for 2015 august

Hurray! August is here! It's time for my monthly wishlist full of a number of goodies I've spotted and fell in love with! There is a lot on this wishlist this month but I'm sure you'll agree they're worthy to be there.  What do you like best? 

1. Paperchase Sticky Notes
I was in and out of Paperchase with the run up to my wedding last month, little did I know they have a selection of stationary for weddings. That aside I also discovered that I really do love Paperchase stationary. I am the sticky note queen and currently my office is covered in them.

2. Roxy Surf Jacket
I am probably one of the biggest Roxy Quiksilver fans ever since my teenage years. They make immense stuff and I'm a huge lover of their new fitness gear, but nothing quite beats their wetsuits and swimwear. This zip up neoprene jacket is perfect for British chilly seas!

3. Essie Borrowed & Blue Nail Polish
I love a baby blue shade just like this Essie one. It is a subtle sahde but still fun.

4.Timothy Dunn Candle at Liberty
Gimme candles! Candles make me happy, love the new range from at Harrods... go sniff them, they smell delish!

5. Wildfox Heart Shaped Sunglasses
It's still festival season so some hippy style sunnies is a must. These Wildfox ones are screaming to be worn at the next music event you head to.

6. Rose n' Rock Floral Crown
Teamed with those cute sunnies must be a flower crown... we don't have long to embrace our flower crowns before the Autumn creeps up on us.

7. Tea and Cake Jurrassic World Sweater
Watched this film the other day. Gotta say I loved the old skool 1993 original so much that of course I was going to want something dino related. Tea and Cake at Topshop are clearly on the ball. 

8. Vans Mickey Mouse Cap
This is one of my favourite collaborations of all time. I had kittens when I discovered Vans collaborated with Disney - a cap with Mickey Mouse? Yes please!

9. Motel Rocks Loe Longline Bikini
This is a very flattering bikini shape with a great print that isn't too in your face. Ideal for those last minute get aways to the beach!

10. Skechers Foam Trainers
I've just got a pair of these bad boys. All I can say is it's like your feet are in cushion heaven... and look pretty. Winner.

11. Claire's Denim Plait Backpack
This one is from Claire's but you can't beat a good denim rucksack... unless it rains then perhaps it isn't a wise move!

 12. Fujifilm Instax
I've been eyeing up one of these for ages. I have an old skool polaroid camera which I love, but this one just looks amazing. Ideally I wanted to get one for my wedding but time ran out.

13. Kilners Jar Cup
Sippy cup! I bought purple ones like this for my bridesmaids as part of their gift bags, I enjoyed hiding my alcohol in it, they're so much fun. This one is even better because it has a handle.

14. Bumble and Bumble Booster Spray
Bumble and Bumble hair products are great, I have the Surfs up one but this item looks good too for the ultimate beach hair look.

15. O'neill Celeste Sandals
Sometimes going for something that is quite simple like these O'neill leather sandals is a good idea. They'd be a great summer investment as they're likely to stay in style, plus O'neill items are normally very well made.

16. Accessorize Ocean Stone Ring
Last but not least I spotted this Accessorize ring the other week and adored the colour of the stone.