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I decided that I should post about my hat designing process for IFB meet up. Firstly can I just point out how hard this was, I couldn't decide on a hat style for starters, and had no idea what others would buy/create.  So I chose this seasons floppy hat.

I searched the vintage shops high and low, also the hight streets... nothing tickled my fancy so decided to create it. I browsed the web for some dramatic hats and found designer Maggie Mae

You can see where I got my insipration, I loved the oversized flowers and bow idea so thats how it started.  My hat was a cheap hat from TK Maxx at £14.99, flowers were various false flowers, hair bands, broaches, and the bow was an oversized hairband.

I took the lovely hat to the meet up in a stripey hat box and various pins and glue just in case!
Thanks for the photos of me at the IFB afternoon tea, from Suzieperon and Scientistchic

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  1. I still think you should have won ;-) x

  2. It was lovely to meet you a LOVED your hat.

  3. Hehe Thank you very much! Maybe I should go into unique hat creating?!


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