Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday Morning Autumn Cooking

I'm not a chef... instead I'm blessed with a chef!  I have been spoilt by my other half  as he is amazing in the kitchen (and so he should its his actual job!) but I'm not, I've barely cooked for us in the entire time we've been together. Shameful I know, I bet there are many woman reading this thinking "for goodness sake!" 
I think for me I've been afraid of cooking for the fear of doing it wrong. Once upon a time at school I won a cooking competition for creating a 3 course meal... and I was 13. I can only think is that I've become lazy by not cooking for myself. It needs to change, but with very little in the fridge where do I start?! With that in mind I decided to be a domestic goddess and steal one of my mums super powers... making a great meal from bits in the fridge. 
So let me take you through my Saturday morning... 
My little kitchen where I shall be creating!
My happiness pig to keep me motivated

My yummy Lasanga
My totally kitch Cath Kidston oven gloves - ready to take the food out of the oven
My Percy Pig M&S timer - who is my new best friend (and also helps me not burn the food!)

My masterpiece (go easy remember I don't do cooking!)

...My reward & some Saturday morning TV
Wasn't I clever bean?! So the boy shall be fed after he's been for a long afternoon cycle and I can nosh on it when I come back from my run. Delightful! 

What to make for a Sunday?!

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