Saturday, 14 April 2012

A little day trip to Sheffield

What I'm Wearing: Black vest top - Zara, Floral Button high waist skirt - Topshop, Off pink knit cardigan - Topshop, Black leggings - H&M, Black Rose pumps - Dune 

Today I was off to the Beauty Bloggers Afternoon Tea meet in Sheffield.  It was a lovely chilled out afternoon of lunch, chatting and of course shopping.  I met the fabulous Liz, Jess, Frances, Jade and Lucie 

It was really hard to figure out what to wear, as the sun was shining when I left my flat but of course it did rain later.  I opted for some layering with colours of course.  I hate to give into being cold and wearing wintery tones so I've thrown in a little bit of fun colour... but not too much.
I know you can't see my shoes very well but I love them!  Bought from TKMaxx, these Dune shoes were a bargain for £29.99.  They seem to jazz up every plain outfit and are a statment on their own.

I know these ones aren't black like the ones in my photo, but you can see the little flower buds clearer on the pink version.  How cute are they!?  I saw them and feel in love with them.  I saw these pink ones in Dune last April but thought I'd muck the colour up so resisted... I then discovered the black ones for half the price! Winner!



  1. Yay! It was lovely to meet you!


  2. You too Hun :-) xx

  3. Fab outfit choice.

    Peg x

  4. These shoes are just adorable! Glad you had fun at the Sheffield meet! I think I must be living in my own little bubble because I hadn't heard anything about it and would have loved to go! Sheffield isn't all that far from me :)

    Love, Rachel

  5. Aww Rach, don't worry I spend my entire life in a bubble! Xx

  6. love the floral skirt!

    Follow back

  7. Great outfit. I love that skirt!

  8. Thank you! From Topshop! x

  9. I love your blog! Its so cool!!

    Love Love


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