Saturday, 19 May 2012

Style: Little LBD

What I'm wearing: Dress - Warehouse, Heels - New Look, Ring - Vintage, Bracelet - New Look & Necklace - Yuju

The little black dress is an icon piece, its a must in every wardrobe and comes in many forms.  I've gone for my black swan inspired look for a romantic dinner out.  As I've said before, with my style I always opt for 'less is more' - sometimes the garments do all the talking and there is no need for clutter.   I've gone for open toe black shoes to keep the item from looking blocky and over powering.  Some how I feel it softens the look?  Ideal if this is being worn outside of the festive season, when LBD's are most commonly used.
You won't tend to find loads of black dresses on the highstreet at the moment, as they always seem to emerge around the festive season.... but whose to say they don't work all year?  Obviously I mean this in the right situation, and for my lovely meal at a swanky restaurant it was ideal!

I've teamed very simple jewellery with this ensemble.  I adore the necklace I'm wearing, its from boutique company Yuju.  Unfortunately the one I'm wearing is no long available but there are plenty more and even ones for weddings! 
Investing in a black dress that is a formal is a must.  We all are victims of that monthly payday clothing binge, where we buy clothes that have an expiry date.  Instead wouldn't it be better to have the main key items of a wardrobe that are well made? If you're interested in finding out more about what I believe to be the 'must have' wardrobe basics, have a look at my previous blog post about it. 

So what do you reckon?  Is black dresses like this only best around the festive season.... or does it still work?



  1. I love this dress, it looks fab on you! Your necklace is beautiful as well :)


  2. I remember it being a bargain! Thanks chick... The necklace is lovely. You should see their other stuff :) xx

  3. this dress looks lovely on you :) xx

  4. I LOVE this dress! Your look is amazing and super fun.


  5. annie!!! twitt twoo!!! looking amazing!!!
    Love that dress, looks great on you. Yes very black swan and that necklace is gorgeous.
    Deffo simple is more.. :)
    Hope you had a great night.

  6. You look lovely <3 !

  7. Thanks! The dress is a really old season from Warehouse.. But because it's quite simple I think it still works!

  8. This dress is v.elegant!! Realised I didn't have any a few months back, a found a real pretty lacy one from Zara...

  9. Zara do some gorgeous dresses!


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