Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunny Sunday

I have honestly had an amazing Sunday.  After a really tough week back and forth to London, I was ready to do absolutely nothing.  This morning I woke up really early and cycled up to my parents house, Mum & I were off to walk out cheeky scamp of a cocker spaniel.  We set off earlier before it got too warm for him.  
The bike emerged very early!

 Don't you just love walking over fields when it's sunny?  Maybe thats just me but it was simply amazing! I just wish the British weather would hold out and keep being so fantastic!
Beautiful pink peonies in the garden
The little scamp needs washing, brushing and drying!
After the active morning I decided to enjoy sitting in the garden for a bit before cycling home. I then spent the day reading the great book by Shaa Wasmund called Stop Talking, Start Doing.  It really is quite inspirational and even though I haven't finished it, what I have read I really reccommend! 
Once I was done sunning myself at the local park and listening to local mens choir, I collected my man and we both cycled back to my parents for dinner. 
This was my biking outfit for my Sunday

 What I'm wearing: Shorts - Topshop, Bag - Next, Vest - Topshop, Watch - Nixon, Scarf - Next Paisley Sateen Scarf - £10, Helmet - Ribbon Blue at Cycle Fashion by Sawako Furuno - £68.00

Before eating we spent the time attempting handstands & cartwheels!
Me and my other boy :)
What a simple but great day I have had.  It certainly is the case in this situation that less is more!  Spending quality time with loved ones and enjoying being outdoors is the way forward!  I know I haven't written a vast amount for this post but I wanted my photos to do the talking.... :o) 



  1. i LOVE this post! looks like a GORGEOUS day! and your dog is so sweet. the landscape looks beautiful - i really want to visit the UK!

  2. Lazy Sundays are the best! Just being able to enjoy life with your friends and family is great!

  3. thankfor your email on IFB!
    I am now following you on GFC!
    enjoy the nice weather!


  4. Thank you! Yeah I'm totally blessed with the countryside near where I live xx


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