Monday, 25 June 2012


Many people will know what I mean when I say the word ‘Stress’. In the UK today there are a staggering half a million believing work-related stress is effecting their health. If anyone knows stress... it’s me.  My job & day-to-day life is quite hectic causing me to have plenty of stress laying heavily on my shoulders.  
As we get older our stress levels tend to increase but we don't have to just 'cope' with it, we can decrease our stress levels with the right action. How we deal with stressful situations is key and learning how to take a deep breath and process the information in front of us. I personally found that leaving home and going to university caused the birth of my stress, whether I was homesick or just out of my comfort zone I’m not sure, but it certainly started my downward spiral of stress and anxiety.  I have since learnt how to cope with my stress, firstly I always try now not to rise to the bait of the stress, I take a step back, a deep breath and try to swallow the information... only then can I make a good decision.  I was one of those who used to get so stressed by work, friends, housing, and trivial problems - all from diving straight in and maximising my stress levels. 
I love to have some ‘me’ time where I don’t plan every hour of every day with an activity, instead I will indulge in a great book, or maybe having a pamper session.  It’s always wise to cut yourself some slack and just relax.  The best thing to do is acknowledge the stress then start doing something about, left unaddressed can affect mental and physical health.   If you’re interested to find out more or have some concerns you want answers for you can speak to the AXA PPP’s healthcare online clinic on stress and anxiety.  Here you can speak to their mental health expert Dr Mark Winwood CPsychol CSci AFBPsS – this is live from 2pm – 4.30pm on Thursday the 28th of June.

Dr Winwood is the clinical director for psychological health for AXA PPP healthcare’s specialist Health Services division. He holds associate fellowship and chartership with the British Psychological Society and is also accredited by the Health Professional Council and a chartered scientist. Prior to joining AXA, Mark worked as a senior psychologist in the NHS and has many years of clinical experience and research expertise.  Mark is also an active member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, British Psychological Society and British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Workplace) and maintains a private practice as a psychologist in London.  His extensive experience in mental health makes him the idol person to chat to if you have any queries.  From someone who has been there, don’t bottle anything up, get it out there. 

If you’re interested in chatting to Dr Winwood but can’t make the live chat, don’t panic You can get in touch via their website which has some great publications on beating stress, or pop along to their Facebook or Twitter – as a person who struggled to balance stress levels I do recommend getting advice and taking positive action. 

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  1. Firstly I need to say how stunning your photos are, you look incredible.

    Yes I know this feeling too well, I used to suffer terribly from anxiety. Funnily enough, you would think having a child would make it worst (even more responsibility and strains) but I feel much more relaxed these days, having odd moments. Def not telling people to run out and have babies hehe, just my experience. I am trying yoga and bike riding at the moment to de-stress xx

  2. Aww thank you. they from a shoot last year actually :-) I have heard others talk about it too you know, that having children sorted them out. I want mine in about 2 years hopefully. yoga is the way forward and being active :-) xx

  3. Beautiful photo shoot Annie!

    Modern life is extremely stressful, I rarely switch off, especially now I live in London :/

    Sophie x

  4. It can be super stressful. You just have to give yourself some down time. Thanks Sophie :-) I hope you're well xx

  5. Girl, these photos are incredibly stunning!!! Great post too; brave of you to address such an important issue on your blog x

  6. Thank you. That's so sweet of you Hun. Stress is a common problem but not always addressed or managed properly xx

  7. Love the photos!


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