Thursday, 12 July 2012

Style: A bit of this and that

I'm extremely aware i've gone style post mad this week, but I may have shopped a bit... oops.  Nevermind I thought If I can't share my bargain buys with my readers whats it all for?!  So with this outfit I've opted for the waist hugging skirt look with a simple vest top.  The detail on the Topshop skirt does all the talking in the outfit so keeping everything else quite simple is the best combination.  You don't have to go for such a light coloured skirt - any skirt would work but you want some quite light and with detail to make it stand out
This skirt from Topshop is so cute, I've been eyeing it up for a month or so.  Its beautiful, to me it screams innocence with its daisy details. The skirt is really delicate and feels stunning on, it's called Daisy Full Skirt and its £40.00

I've gone for wedges with this outfit, mainly because I feel like I've been living in sandals (and I don't always want to wear heels!).  Wedges are my best friend this season - purely because I can walk in them!

This outfit still keeps in my promise in keeping a theme of trying to remain summery, but is mixed with colours that can cope with the dodgy weather! 

These last few weeks have been chaos!  I've had so many things to blog about and tell you all, but I've simply not had a chance!  I've been to Majorca on my sisters 2nd hen do (there will be a post about that & the pirate evening!), had health stuff going, photoshoots, and this weekend I have the Witch skin care meet and my sisters wedding - I'm one of her bridesmaids, so I will certainly be blogging about that.  Stick with me I promise I'll get my head back in the game.... and if you miss me that much get involved on twitter!  Follow me: @aggy84  :o) 

Lots of love



  1. look at you you hottie!lol
    love love love this out mrs! :) that skirt is gorgeous! :)
    need a visit soon?!

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love wedges too, they are SO easy to walk on all day :) Looking forward to hearing about your holiday and photoshoot!

    Love, Rachel

  3. WOW this skirt is so nice !!
    XX Luba

  4. Thanks ladies! :o) xx

  5. you look so beautiful.. i like your simple look and your skirt is cool!!


  6. That skirt is amazing!

  7. That skirt is really so sweet! I love the little flowers :D

  8. I love high waisted skirts at the moment xx

  9. What an adorable little skirt! You look so cute. Now I HAVE to go to the Top Shop in my city and see if they have that skirt! It's just so pretty. :)

  10. If not, check on their website and it will tell you where stocks it xx


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