Monday, 30 July 2012

Style: Florals & Spots

What I'm wearing: Top - Topshop Floral Oversized Tee - £36.00,  Necklace - off the market in Majorca, Shoes - Ballet pumps in nude from New Look - £7.99, bottoms - Topshop Moto Super Soft Spot Leigh Jeans - £40.00

If you know me, you'll know I love anything with polka dots or spots!  Spying these jeans I knew I had to have them,  as even though they were what I love they were subtle with it.  I like to make a statement, but at the same time I like to not make a spectacle of myself.  I decided to team these fabulous jeans with my favourite new item of the month, which is the Topshop floral top.  I put a nude camisole underneath (as its rather seee through) but for a night out you could team this with leather look leggings and wedges for a rock meets floral look. 

Over & out!



  1. Very refreshing look! xoxo ES

  2. Love it, gorgeous. x

  3. Wow nice pics, and thanks for your friend request on IFB! You've got a great blog I'll be back!


  4. Really cute top! Am a big fan of floral prints, you styled it very nicely too.



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