Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spotting the difference

I was a blessed teenager, as I was late developer and never had any major skin problems.  I’d have the odd spot from my sugar binges but nothing I’d be too mortified about. 
Unfortunately that’s all absolutely changed,  it appears my skin is making up for all the years it missed out on, by giving me lots of spots.  At 27 it can be really cringe worthy, waking up and wishing the break out of spots on your chin would just bugger off.  I always find I get break outs when I have a fashion event, or some kind of social meeting that is important to me – the timing as always is impeccable.
Tried to take a good picture of them, but I have managed to conceal most spots. Something I'm not going to complain about!  You can faintly see some of the bumps around the chin area.

I always get a break out around my chin area, and sometimes they can last for ages merely taunting me when I look at myself in the mirror.   I can go for weeks without many, then suddenly I can get loads that last for months, it really does vary.  I know the main culprit is something I was finally diagnosed with over a year ago, which is Polycystic Ovaries and from this I’ve developed PCOS. To put this into readable terms, my hormones are all over the shop, I have never had a regular cycle and have gone up to 6 months without a period.  Some of you may read this and be amazing, no pain but this syndrome can lead to difficulties with pregnancy, and leaves you up and down.  

One of my downs is obviously my spot breakouts,  I don’t believe caking skin in loads of makeup is an option or is picking the spots – quite frankly that is going to make matters ten times worse.  I’d been using basic facial cleanser, toner, and face wash but I’d not had any luck.  I did look at some of the facial skin range that's primarily aimed at teenagers, but to be quite honest I felt a bit silly.  I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me, why was I having to take a back step with skincare? Surely my only worry as I got older was signs or wrinkles?!

I became part of the Flawless Friends with Witch Skin Care, they sent me some of their products to try.  In all honesty I wasn’t sure if this was for me, the packaging didn’t scream teenager but I didn’t think people in their 20’s or 30’s would use this sort of product?  None the less I began the process of trying them out, anything had got to be better than having spots, so I tried to be optimistic.   I know I’m sounding quite dramatic here, and to many you possibly wouldn’t even notice... but I can see them, I know they’re there which is really confidence kicking. 

I started with the basic bits first,  they do a Witch Skin Care range which is all the cleansing items.  They clear the skin and help to keep away impurities, which could be one of the main causes of mine.  I know with PCOS most causes are hormonal and there isn't much you can do, but just finding something to calm the skin down would be amazing.

Cleansing & Toning Wipes – These are quick and easy to use and with extract of natural witch hazel.  I take these everywhere, I have a pack at home and a pack in my handbag.  I get mighty frustrated with facial wipes on the market that don't remove all make up, these do get rid of everything.  My skin always feel clean after use, regardless of whether I'd used anything else....  A great start in my eyes. 

Oil Control Foaming Face Wash – This gentle foam has a deep cleansing action to wash away excess oils and impurities and now has an even better blend of mild and naturally derived cleansers.  I do like this, but I'd personally use this alongside their facial scrub.  It's good to alternate between them, so that you're scrubbing impurities away but also not losing the skins goodness.

Blemish Stick – Most nights after my evening facial routine, I will use the blemish stick. The ultimate in blemish control, this convenient little stick helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots.  It makes the skin tingle a bit but has really made an improvement on my skin.

Blemish Gel – Ideal for use at night to help keep pores clean, this helps dissolve excess oil and combat problem-causing bacteria.  I pop this on when my skin is rebelling against me, and let the gel do its magic.  Again like the Blemish stick this does make a vast improvement to my complexion.

These were some of the key items I used to calm my irritable skin down.  Problem was that I had to start thinking about how I could still wear a bit of makeup but keep my skin in check.  I know I'm all about letting your skin breathe, I still want to look human, feel good and wear a face!  I starting introducing the Witch Skin Care range - Witch Anti Blemish Cosmetics.
As they say set yourself free from spots with the natural goodness of witch hazel  and the the new range of cosmetics from Witch do just that. 

"They have a unique three-in-one action that helps prevent, target and conceal blemishes and breakouts. Use them on their own after cleansing or as a base for your usual make-up, for a clearer complexion and a more confident you."

Witch Anti-blemish Pressed Powder  -  We all need powder and if any of you get shiny from time to time like me, if you have spot like me as well - this is the product for you.  Handy size and is great for handbags, it helps target spots and breakouts by absorbing excess oils and controlling shine.  I started using this and was worried it would dry my combination skin out but it really hasn't.

Witch Anti-blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser -  I tend to use this before I start putting make up on.  If my spots in the morning are a little miffed, I pop this on go make myself a cup of tea and let it absorb, from there I then start applying my make up. This is fantastic product as it targets spots and breakouts while relieving and defending against redness.  I hate getting a red chin and this has significantly reduced that.

Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer - I don't know what I'd do without this primer!  It is my favourite product.  I use this just before I either pop foundation on or the Witch Skin care moisturiser.  It helps prepare skin for foundation as well as helping prevent and target blemishes.  It may sound daft but I feel clean using this,  I know I have something on my skin protecting it from the make-up I'm putting on whilst it's helping beat my blemishes.

Witch Anti-blemish Tinted Moisturisers  - According to Witch Skincare these products are formulated for oily/combination skin and matify skin, they help to control  the shine and target spots.  Tinted moisturisers in general are a great friend to have. Giving your skin a break from heavy foundations is essential in skincare, but we often don't want our natural skin to be exposed.  By using tinted moisturisers you're still giving yourself a glow but without the heavy load.  The best thing I found about this product was the fact I knew my skin was breathing and being looked after by the witch hazel. 

Some people say they never notice.  I'm just good at hiding!

I have learnt over the years spots can really occur at any age, at present I have been going through a 'spotty' month and using these products has been a God send.  In your twenties you think you can't use products like these...  You're very wrong, as this has really given me my confidence back.



  1. Awww Annie, I sympathise so much over the spot issue.. Since I've hit my twenties my skin has been so much more troublesome, so I might have to give some of these a go! That aside, I find tea tree oil mixed into some hot water works really well as a facial wash x

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone, although I'm sorry you suffer as well. I have to really watch my food as well as if I don't take care with what I eat my skin will have a paddy! I will try that! Honestly if you use any of them, that primer is amazing. xx

  3. Funny.... that's the one that appeals to me the most so I'll have to give it a whirl to let you know how it get on! x

  4. I didn't use primer much before, but with that one I do feel my skin is protected and don't so bad putting make up over blemishes because of it. Yeah do, I hope you benefit from it like I did :) xx


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