Monday, 22 October 2012

Darling & Beloved Press Event AW12/SS13

Goodness gracious where are the weeks running away to? No sooner is it Friday that we suddenly find Monday has snatched our weekend away as quick as you can say "its the weekend!". The last two weeks for me have been crazy busy, I don't think I've sat still for five minutes, as lovely as it is being social and having a life, I think I truly have burnt myself out this time.  I have been back and forth to London a fair few times, and even though its only an hour and half train journey away, travelling can really knock the stuffing out of you regardless of you sitting still.

One great reason I travelled to London was for some press events.  First one was a clothing event for Darling clothing, a beautiful company with some gorgeous items for a variety of women.  The event was to showcase their SS13 items, but also debut  the AW12 Christmas collection.  As I got off the train and found my way in my normal fluster, I was greeted with a cup and saucer of bubbles, and a delicious slice of cake-  they clearly knew I was coming! 

 As I gazed around the room of clothes I could tell this would be a range for someone similar to me, as it was full of feminine articles. There were delicate fabrics, floral gatherings, elegant cuts and items that were also a tiny bit daring to push your fashion boundaries.  Looking at the SS13 collection for Darling, from the first glance I could feel myself getting excited about next summer.  What was laid out before me were subtle pastels, polka dots, lace, excitable colours and an immense vintage vibe but one that was encouraging a classic styled theme.  I felt a great need to dig out my cake stand, tea set and have garden party! 

There was tarot card reader at the event along with a magician, who entertained me with his magical foam bunnies that would multiply in my hands - I know I'm 28 but its still very impressive!  I even had my hair done whilst I sipped my drink and admired such a range of clothes.  I was keeping my eyes out for dresses for the upcoming winter parties, some of which I saw with rich tones, lots of lace and warmth in velvet fabrics.  After viewing the BELOVED range, I was for once extremely excited about the cooler days ahead and I did fall in love with the dress below.

Penelope Dress - £85.00
All I can say is wait till you see this in person.  I had spied it on the Internet before I went to the press day and immediately thought I'd like it, but in reality it was so much better.  The cut of this dress is flattering for starters, as it nips you in at the waist to create that womanly curve.  The main focus is of course the detail of flowers on the upper body of the dress, and the alternative pattern along the waist line.  Both of these patterns make it very elegant and captivating but because its in black it keeps it  super sophisticated.  I'd wear this for a dinner, dance or even a Christmas party... plus it has pockets which is fantastic!
From the press images above you can see the variety in the AW12 Christmas outfits,  I don't like cold days but my gosh I fell in love with so many of these beautifully made creations.   After seeing both ranges, I found that the BELOVED items were a touch more daring and I felt I could most certainly wear these for various parties and winter gatherings.  One thing I can say about both AW12 and SS13 is that if you love your dresses and love to feel like a female with your outer image - then honestly take a peak at this brand further... you won't be disappointed. 



  1. Wow, beautiful pics, dear. This is such a lovely collection. With love, Ladyfairy

  2. Love the leather lazer-cut skirt!!

    Kirsti xx

  3. The collection looks gorgeous, as does the food! Great photos, I love the cream dress in the third picture xx

  4. It truly was. I may have to plan a blogging tea party soon because of it! Xx

  5. Wow looks like such an amazing event! Those dresses are just beautiful, I love all the lace detail and baroque style. That cake looks so yummy! New follower :)


  6. some seriously yummy looking cakes there! and seriously lovely looking dresses :) ill be checking them out!! Jo x

  7. I know! Trust me... my shopping list of what to treat myself to next month, got super long! xx

  8. The wonderful cake and the clothes remind me of the wonderful Victorian bed & breakfast that I got married in. You've inspired me to have a tea party :)

  9. Corleen, there is ALWAYS time for tea parties :o) xx

  10. I love that outfit with the lace motorcycle jacket and polka dot skirt! Might have to recreate it :)


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