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Beauty Review: HERRA Hair Perfume

I had been sent a hair product to review, initially I popped the item on my desk and continued with my busy few weeks. When I finally sat down to look at the product and try it out, I hadn't realised I'd been sent hair perfume.... Perfume for hair? Really?!  I was about to discover why HERRA Hair Perfume had recently been featured in Vogue & OK! Magazines....

Apparently I had actually been living in the dark because when I did research into other similar products, there were many varieties on the market... but as I discovered nothing quite like this one. 

As I've told you all numerous times before me and my hair have an ongoing battleIt's simple we have a love-hate relationship, but we have slowly started to get along.  Now when it comes to hair products I have previously been somewhat clueless (I'm happy to admit that), I didn't know what was right for my combination locks, but after hours of research and testing I finally have it sorted!
I was extremely intrigued by the idea of hair perfume from HERRA, but after careful thought I decided the concept was actually quite genius.  When we wash our hair it smells good and feels good, but what do you do mid week after you have been working and your hair is starting to look lifeless and maybe smell? The answer is spritz it before you leave the house with the hair perfume to make it look and feel good.... but does it actually work?
I decided to try this before I was off to a big event, I hadn't had time to wash it so I sprayedthe HERRA perfume and left the house....

The look

Firstly the packaging to me makes the product come across smooth, sleek and expensive. It shows it is well made and something that would be a treat if you bought it... Whether the price reflected that or not. The bottle itself is a handy size and could easily be popped into your handbag for a quick on-the-go spray - say if you were freshening up in the toilets on your date, or perhaps before your meeting. 

The smell 

I was slightly concerned that the smell of the hair perfume might be overpowering, I suffer from migraines and some certain aromas can trigger these but this certainly didn't.  It was a beautiful smell that was delicate but distinctive, with hints of Italian Bergamot, midnight orchid, white jasmine and creamy vanilla - which are all undeniably full of beauty.  I did infact get lovely comments about how great I smelt... I went through in my head if it was my shampoo? no hadn't washed my hair... was it my perfume? no hadn't put any perfume on since the morning.... was it my new HERRA hair perfume?  Yes that's what it was, I put it on an hour ago.  

The hair 

I only lightly sprayed my hair with the product, I felt that if I used too much it might make it look possibly greasy? This could purely be down to my combination hair, so don't take that as gospel.  The consistency of the product itself was like any hair oil but thinner, so if you do use this product remember less is more.   It doesn't just make your hair smell good, it actually protects it as well, this is because it contains organically grown olive extract and sunflower extracts - both of which protect against pollution and UV damage.   Hurrah! Finally a product that can be used for any situation!  Bonus is that it will help my hair and make it smell gorgeous!

The verdict 

Personally I love the idea of making my hair smell good especially when I'm doing anything where I want to appear fresh.  The whole idea led me to believe I had just washed and styled my hair without actually taking the time to do so! Amazing!  Not only does this item make your hair smell fabulous, it also helps to prevent colour fade, has UV protection and helps the hair maintain moisture – so it’s an all-round must have!  I do think this is a handy hair product to have in the current colder months, as we are all going from cold conditions to suddenly warm  which can really dry your hair out and make it feel horrible. 

"Herra is a beauty essential for every woman.  There's nothing quite like walking past a woman who is wearing Herra Hair Perfume - it just leaves the most divine smelling trail,"  says hairdresser James Davis, Creative Director for Herra & owner of award-winning Clay Salon & Spa in Oxshott, Surrey.
HERRA hair perfume is a fabulous idea and I think if you stick to only spraying your hair a little, you will smell and see the benefits.  This is just about to be launched, so as handbag essentials go this is to be added to the list. You can get your bottle from here at a rate of £29.99 

What do you think about hair perfume? 


  1. Ooh, I really want to give this a go. I knew there were hair perfumes around but the last time, I saw one on the high street must have been ten years ago (Charles Worthington?), it seemed to be discontinued in my local store quite quick.

  2. Being honest I was a bit skeptical to start with, but quite honestly it's fab. I often spritz it lightly on the ends if my hair feels dry. It's been a great add to my handbag! Xx

  3. I want to try this!!!! And you look beautiful xx

  4. You should, honestly it's been amazing

  5. Hi Annie,
    I just got this as a gift!! So excited to try it out! :)

    1. That's great news! It's absolutely amazing I swear by it! X

  6. I use this Brand.

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