Friday, 7 December 2012

Style: How to look cool staying in

I don't do cold weather at all.  I know I worked in the mountains for a year but I was prepared with my outerwear, over the last few weeks I don't quite know how I managed!  This chilly outburst we've had really has made me want to go into full time hibernation (I'm talking living exactly like a hedgehog), cold evenings has caused me to stay in rather than go out.  I'd rather swap my party frocks for a cosy big jumper and not gain icy cold knees.  So whilst I was doing my Saturday evening TV channel hop I started thinking about the perfect attire for such an event, I knew I could head for my PJ's but it was only 6.30pm  and felt this was somewhat premature ... plus I knew I'd just end up falling asleep.   With this all circulating in my head I thought I'd hunt for an all-in-one.  That's right, I said it... an all-in-one.

If you had asked me a year or so ago would I wear one, I'd of laughed at you.  Me? Wear an all-in-one...never!  I've seen numerous different ones on various online sites but more recently I have seen them on the high street.  I've seen so many on my quest for all-in-one warmth but I then discovered this one Next Cream Snuggle All-In-One 

For £30.00 it is a little more pricy than others I've seen, but my gosh it's worth every single penny!

What is not to love about this cheeky all-in-one from Next?! Honestly it is super fluffy, and comfy that I even wore it all day on Sunday whilst I was doing bits about the house.  It's a bit more expensive than I've seen some, but I figured that this one is warm unlike some of the others.  I'm seeing many that are merely thin fabric in a baby grow look - this is like the Mother Hen of all-in-ones. 

I can't say I care by the fact I've decided to hibernate this year, as to be honest I feel like I'm doing it in style!  Have you seen any all-in-ones?  Will you be joining me on this purchase?!


  1. Wow this looks so snugly my primark onesie doesn't look half as appealing now!

    Maddie xx

  2. Aww! honestly its like wearing a big fluffy hot water bottle! x

  3. That is so cute! I'm sure my kid will love to see me on that outfit!

    ❤ xoxo ❤

  4. Haha yeah its super comfy too! xx

  5. You look adorable!! I want one but its pretty hot here still!

  6. that is cute. i wish i could wear them at Jakarta, Indonesia. its pretty hot here^^

    mind follow each other?

    ayres from

  7. Jenna - honestly the weather is super cold and I want to wear mine all day! xx

  8. haha, you do make me giggle with your pictures.. :)
    This onesie is actually on my bday/crimbo list.. I cant wait to get it! It looks so snuggly compared to others I've seen.

  9. Haha Caroline I am glad I make you laugh! its amaaazing! xx


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