Saturday, 31 March 2012

There's more to life than hair... but it's a good place to start!

I was up with the birds this morning, but believe it or not I was just as bright and chirpy as they were.  I washed my hair, organised my outfit for the day, walked the dog then set out to the delights of London.... on a Saturday!  Knowing the British weather (and that the sunny spells we'd all been embracing were no more), I'd dressed perfectly, opting for lace and leather for a rock chick look.

I often am in London but this was for a specal occasion, I was a very lucky lady and was off to the fabulous Aussie Hair Fashion & Catwalk show My lovely friend Jenna from Pret a Style had won a competition and I was her plus 1.  This had without a doubt cheered up my hectic week, and I was certainly ready to view some new fashion and socialize with my fellow bloggers. 

On arrival we were greeted by a red carpet and the beautiful aroma of Aussie shampoo.  Soon we were lead into the main room for champagne, nibbles and the most delicious cupcakes ever! All those who attended will agree how yummy they were!

 After plenty of chatting and drinking bubbles, the Catwalk show began. The clothes at the show were from fashion company MINKPINK along with some gorgeous hair styles, including my favourite the fishtail plait (which I still can't get quite right!).
Jenna from Pret A Style & Me
It was quite a short day but lovely to mingle with fellow bloggers, see some fab clothes, slurp champers and of course eat cupcakes! 

Tonight I'm going to have a lovely night in after such a great day. After swimming tomorrow, I have every intention of using some of my new gorgeous smelling Aussie shampoo! 

And as Aussie Hair like to remind us...

"Theres more to life than hair.... but it's a good place to start!"

...couldn't agree more!



Thursday, 29 March 2012

Isle of Wight Festival: Top at Topshop

As many of you may be aware, I'm a big fan of music.  Not only am I a big fan of music, I'm a huge fan of live music.  More importantly I'm a gigantic fan of festivals....  

The one I went to last year and fell in love with was the fabulous Isle of Wight Festival.  There was lots of sunshine (and last year showers too!), great music and plenty to do and see. If you haven't been to a festival before or are thinking of trying a new one... I promise you it isn't to be missed.  

Well the sun’s shining and summer is nearly upon us, which means its time to heat up the wardrobe for the Festival season. What better way to do that than with an exclusive Isle of Wight Festival T-Shirt available now at Topshop.

The brand new, must have T-Shirt features the Isle of Wight Festival’s iconic artwork, so head to Topshop in store or online to get yours. Available now, the Wight Fest T-Shirt has been designed by And Finally and features 2007’s or 2009’s legendary line up and artwork. Priced at £22, check out for more details.

The first major Festival of the year, the Isle of Wight Festival is the place to be and be seen for all fashion conscious music lovers. Stand out in the crowd with some of music’s biggest hitters, fashions A-Listers and your best mates for a summer experience you won’t forget.

Check out my previous Isle of Wight posts to find out the line up for this year.


Monday, 26 March 2012

Legoland Windsor Hotel

I've had a hectic few weeks with work which is why blogging has come to a bit of a stand still.  I've missed you all but I'm here now!  

You may have seen tweets but  I went to visit the new Legoland hotel. My inner child was so excited by it and the fact I got to spend it my stay with 3 people I love dearly, made the trip all the more fabulous.
Tasty nibbles and flavoursome wine
As you drive up to the hotel you can't help but stare the outer image exactly what you imagine and more.  When you enter there is a fountain made out of lego toys and interactive flying lego planes sweeping above your head.  My favourite thing to see was the hundreds of lego men on display behind the counter, it made having a conversation with those on reception quite tough as all you wanted to do was search for the various lego men!
Everywhere you turned in the hotel someone clever had created these figures out of Lego bricks.  Even though they are creations out of Lego they must of taken some concentration and time.  It was all extremely impressive.

Behind reception is covered in little legomen!
The Monkey in my room!

The different floors of the hotel were themed; pirate, kingdom or adventure.  We were on the adventure floor so imagine a playful Indiana Jones look and you're about there.  You can tell this hotel is for kids and families and most of the rooms come with bunbeds and various decorations to keep the kids entertained.  
The hotel was quiet but we visited when it had just opened, so I'm not 100% if it would be as peaceful in school holiday time.
Outside the new hotel
The hotel had affordable conference facilities and is obviously perfect if you're visiting the Legoland theme park. Whatever age you are I think if  you love an exciting nights stay I really recommend it.


Keeping it handy

Over the last 4 months I've been struggling.  I've been struggling to find a new handbag.  With no idea of what I want and very little to spend on such an item, I'm left somewhat dazed & confused.

    "most important accessory a woman could own"

I'm sure most of you are aware of how important a handbag is and what a statement it can be to an outfit.  They are an accessory category all of their own, and finding the perfect one can become a lifelong endeavour! I have been on a hunt for the perfect handbag for about 4 months now, and it's really difficult!! Finding something that is fashionable, but roomy and not forgetting practical, can be tough.  I like to have one main bag that if I dont pre plan my outfit I know I can use that bag and all will be fine.  I am aware most women have lots of handbags for various outfits and occassions, I have my trusty accesorize black bow bag for daily use, then have my Vivienne Westwood handbag for the summer and special outtings.  With my black bow bag Its been used a lot, I got it about 2 years ago and its been a classic so have kept using it. It's starting to fall apart so the time has come to move on.... As it's been gorgeously sunny I've decided to invest in a summer handbag...

I'm in LOVE with this bag!

I couldn't think of  a better bag to use for the sunny months that we have coming.  Light in colour with pastel hints and a decent size... what is not to love!  It looks like it would certain fit the kitchen sink in and  my hat stand so it will certainly be a winner for SS12!  Make sure you have a look at how beautiful this Next Snake Effect Bag is for a bargain of £28.00

Now I know what you'll be thinking when I suggest the next bag...
I know this year is the year of the Olympics and what a better way to support being British than with a handbag.  I love this as its fun and colourful and obviously with our flag! 

If you'd prefer more girlie colours but still want to remain patriotic then look no further... 
This is the Next Boutique Pink Floral Jack handbag it's beautiful and only £26.00
If you dont fancy prints you can keep it much more simple but still quirky with this Made with Love Cluster Flower bag.  It comes in a very neutral beige colour and a summery Coral.  A great size for everyday use and is £32
 If you do love your prints, then honestly look no further.  Next SS12 range has two of my most favourite prints.  I love light colours and items with some character.  The one above is the Flamingo Across Body Bag - ideal for upcoming festivals maybe?  This is £18.00

If any of you know me... you'll know this is a true favourite of mine in the printed collection.  This is the Butterfly Shopper - and is ideal for ladies (like myself) who cart the world with them on their shoulders!  Its spacey, pretty and ideal for the sunny days!  It's £30.00

You know I said I wasn't sure what bag I was looking for... I may now be a bit spoilt for choice!!

Roll on Summer!


Monday, 19 March 2012

The 1st Midlands Blogger Meet - Tea & cake O'clock

After a very long hectic week at work, finally the very first midlands blogger meet was drawing closer.  Myself and the lovely Hollie-Anne from Florals & Cupcakes were joining forces and organising the event, there had been many weeks of emails, telephone calls toing and froing trying to make this the perfect meet.  Unlike other events we wanted to make this meet as informal as possible, literally just a social blog meet.

Taking forever to make a decision, we decided to use a venue that was renowned around the east midlands - mainly for its utter charm, we were hosting our first event at the Orange Tree Nottingham.

Finding what to wear was a tricky one.  I had been away working all week and unfortunately had no time to sit and decided.  So I literally picked my most colourful items and went nice and casual.  
What I am wearing: Jeans - Topshop, Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Top - F&F, and Ballet pumps - Topshop
We were extremely blessed and had many donations for the event, one of the main ones was the fabulous Innocent Smoothies - in a variety of yummy flavours our Midlands bloggers got the chance to try some exciting flavoured smoothies.  I'm personally always a big fan of food and drink that is as pure as possible, none of the added bits and bobs that tend to be in so many things we consume.  

Yum Yum!

 We ate, drank tea, munched on cupcakes and enjoyed the delicious food from the Orange Tree menu.  It was literally a chance to meet and bond with fellow bloggers!

We did have some fantastic prizes to give away in our raffle.  We had 3 giftsets from Sunkissed tanning, Cheer Up Clothing donates some goodies and the top prize from the lovely people at BMI Baby was two seats on a return flight.  The winner could go to any of the following; Belfast, Glasgow, Paris or Amsterdam!  What a prize!  I must admit I was jealous I couldn't be in the running!

The lovely Sarah Connolly  from Words By Sarah with her prize
My fellow running buddy Lauren from MissBusby with her prize!

The fabulous Annabella from Skinscrubs with her goody!

Our queen of the hour - the gorgeous Aislinn from BooBoo Kitty with her BMI baby prize but also won the Cheer Up Clothing prize!

 I didn't get a chance to take heaps of photos of everyone as I was too busy chin wagging!  However, the above are some of the lovely bloggers we met. 

So the end drew near and after all the excitement of such prizes, everyone was ready to call it a day.  What a day it had been! Question is when shall we host the next one??!

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