Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Annie Bean's Fabulous Friday

I love nothing more on a Friday evening after a week of working, than to come home and simply relax.  Down go the bags, off goes the coat, the slippers slide on and more than likely I'll sit in a pile on the sofa until I have the energy to move.

After getting in and relaxing I always try not to lose my evening by wasting time, so I kick my Fabulous Friday's off by jumping in the shower and getting some kind of PJ's or comfy clothing on. From there I know I'm going to be in complete comfort, that I'm not going to be going anywhere and therefore can start my evening.

How can you plan your Fabulous Friday? Everybody finds relaxation in many ways but for a pampering Friday I've listed the five key areas that are a must to me.
Firstly make yourself feel better with a gorgeous warm shower or bath - this brings on relaxation and regardless of how your day has been, it will make you feel somewhat refreshed and ready for a chilled evening.  I will always treat myself to my weekly hair mask treatment so that my week of hair spraying, straightening, hair drying and brushing can all be forgiven!
My next key initial point of setting up Fabulous Friday, is to get into clothing you feel comfy in, personally I suggest your favourite PJs or comfortable clothing.  During this chilly February I hate nothing more than being cold, so investing in a good pair of PJs, a fun onesie...or even a variety of Onesies should be top priority!

You've been showered and clothed for your evening...already feeling good? Splendid.  Next thing I tend to do is get my dinner sorted or at least get it cooking, I then suggest picking a good film for your evening.  I am a very typical girl and adore chick flicks, romantic comedies, musical and classics. 

  •  The Devil Wears Prada
  • Mamma Mia
  •  Love Actually
  • My Fair Lady
  • Pretty Woman
  • Dirty Dancing 
  • What To Expect When You Are Expecting
  • Practical Magic   
After your film of choice is on, you can begin getting the most important bit of Fabulous Friday on its way... beauty pampering! I tend to get the face mask on first. I will always remove my make up, cleanse then on goes the mask.  The joys of a Fabulous Friday on your own is you won't giggle and crack the mask!
With the face mask on its onto the nails.  I tend to like to begin with removing all nail polish completely on both my fingers and toes, then I'll begin by trimming, buffing and filing.
I absolute love moisture socks and gloves so after I have prepped my nails initially, I often pop these on to pamper my needed feet and hands.  If you don't have moisture socks or gloves, put lots of moisturizer on your feet then pop some socks on but don't rub the lotion in as it will be absorbed, this will give your feet the same or similar outcome as moisture socks would.   With regards to hands... to be honest I've never not had moisturizing gloves, but you could always cover your hands in lotion and just keep massaging it in until completely absorbed.
Whilst your hands and feet are feeling pampered with lots of lotion, I will then enjoy my dinner and get into the film.  The whole key point of Fabulous Friday is to keep relaxed and to completely unwind. 

After about 10 minutes the gloves come off, then it is into the bathroom to rinse the face mask off.  Splashing my face with cool water until the mask has vanished I’ll then apply some night cream and return to my sofa. The socks will come off after around 20 minutes and then what I tend to do is massage any remaining moisturizer into my feet.
I can now begin sorting the actual nails out with some nail strengthener, cuticle lotion and finally a colour of my choice!  I always love to finish with a fun colour ready for the weekend.
Me enjoying my Fabulous Friday!

The rest of the evening will mainly be me enjoying a lighthearted film, maybe a good cup of tea and some cheeky biscuits.  Instead of venting about how horrible the weather is, indulge in the fact we can all stay in and relax... that's exactly what I'm doing!


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  2. Hi, i'm VerA. I read your message on IFB and came to see your blog and I like it! I really enjoy this post about Friday night, I often do the same!

    You can visit my blog here:


    Take care! kisses


  3. Love your blog!
    Hugs from Sweden

  4. Hi Annie,

    This quite something. I couldnt compile as many photos like this in one blog. So much worked put into it, hahaha.

    Anyway, I go out on Fridays....so my time to rest and relax is usually on a Sunday. I mostly do the same. I get to update myself with the Fashion World by taking time to read the tons of magazines that I buy, I try to take long showers...then end up at the salon for a massage and a manicure and pedicure. Just heaven.

    Anyway, I followed you on the links you provided on IFB. I sent u a message there too.

    Holler back!


  5. Hey! Yeah vary it on Fridays and if I'm out on one, I will do it on Sunday ready for the week xx


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