Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fun in Fitness

There is so much pressure at the moment for us all to suddenly become the ideal people.  Many of us have had new years resolution we really wanted to stick to, whether it's perhaps to travel somewhere specific or maybe spend more time with family, whatever it is we all have goals we wanted to achieve. 

The most common goal is of course is to get fit and lose weight.  You may have noticed more people out on their bikes or perhaps out in the rain running but,one of the most common ways for people to get fit is doing more fitness classes. Now I'm not particularly wanting to lose weight or get fit, I just would like to be more active for health reasons, with this in mind I've decided to try and inspire you in this post.

What I want to do is emphasize the fact that fitness can actually be fun, it doesn't have to be a chore or feel forced on you. I went to my local gym the other day and once upon a time I would happily of got on with a workout, but this time was different.  The place was rammed full of people and for once I kept thinking how much I'd like to not focus of the fact I was wanting to keep fit, I wanted to have fun whilst being active! 

We are blessed in the UK with some gyms that have wonderful classes on such as Zumba or (if you like it) RPM, which both can be good fun and keep you fit.  For example First Fitness are introducing two new classes in their gyms, Athletic skill classes like Athletics Fitness class (inspired by professional athletes) and other classes that involve using athletic equipment, (for example agility ladders, mini hurdles, medicine balls and cones,) a great way to keep fitness interesting!  
I do sometimes find I'll get bored of some classes if they get repetitive. I'll often spice things up on a weekly basis and try to do things where I told feel I am pinned to... one great way is having a giggle with friends on the Wii Just Dance games - I tried that last weekend with my two lovely friends and my goodness did we laugh, but got a super workout! 

One way that keeps me feeling interested besides different classes is of course fashion and fitness.  This is split down the middles, some people will argue that it doesn't matter what you look like - which is true, but then like me I find if I feel good in what I'm wearing, I will work harder. 

To try and inspire you I've created some looks for what I think are fun, active workouts.  I have thrown in two looks purely for getting out in the fresh air!

Dance Fitness

Jumper - Sweaty Betty Sensory Jumper - £125.00
Socks - Gococo Light Sports Sock - £11.95
Trainers - Bloc Criss Cross Sneakers - £38.00
Bottle - Keep Calm & Dance on - £11.50


Zumba Fit

running clothes

walking gear

Wellies - Hunter Original Wellies - £89.00
Bag - Roxy Wild Outback Bag - $44.00
Necklace - Monsoon Naples Necklace - £19.00

Dog Walking

Dog Walking clothes

Gilet - Rampant Sporting Navy Blue - £80.00
Top - Monsoon Sarah Stripe - £29.00
Necklace - Topshop Flat Retangle Chain - £10.00
Hat - North Face Rigsy Pom Pom - £18.00


Yoga clothes

Yoga Mat - Nike Performance Graphic Yoga Mat - £40.00

There you have some of my style pieces to aid fun in fitness!  Just grab your shoes and your ipod and take yourself for a lovely long walk... you'd be surprised how good it makes you feel and you'll be keeping fit!


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