Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Next Press Office Takeover!

I have been dying to tell you about my adventure to the Next Press Office Take Over, but I simply haven't sat still!  Last Thursday after a hectic day at work I jumped on the train heading for London. Indulging in a yummy coffee and reading my magazine, I couldn't wait to see all my fellow fashion bloggers and the wonderful Next team for what was set to be a spectacular evening. 
I made my way to Goodge Street station to meet Sophie and Eloise, we three all then headed to the Next press office.  On arrival (besides being greeted by smiley faces) we were welcomed by champagne, sweets, cocktails and an envelope of tags with our blog names on, which were for us to put next to items we loved!
There was even a competition to guess how many sweets were in the jar... how many do you think there is?
So taking the champagne we began to wonder around the room gazing upon the items.  The general vibe I got from having a scan across the room was non stop beauty - I really struggled to find items I wasn't keen on!  There was upcoming stunning swimwear, delicate floaty pieces, neon patterns, statement monochrome, electric pinks and minimalistic looks too. Some of my favourite Next tagged pieces are pictured below, but my favourite was the maxi white summer dress (image 2) with it's bead work.
After we had a browse and tagged our favourite items, the canapes started emerging around the bloggers and we were all very eager to try the tasty bites.  We had an amazing DJ playing some classic 90's pop tunes and a photobooth complete with accessorises to create wacky photos in....drinks flowing, sweets, photobooth and 90's pop?! It was certainly a very fun evening! 

After abusing the photobooth numerous times, we attacked the delicious deserts that went around and sung along to the pop songs... the best part was that so many of us knew all the words. I even put my request in... Well! They were my fave boyband!
After more chinwags with fellow bloggers, sweet nibbling, song singing and getting snappy happy, I was ready to depart for my train home.  A wonderful evening as always hosted by Next and absolutely super to see the upcoming creations to hit the stores... I best get some pennies saved!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!! Hope you enjoyed!


  2. What a fun day!!! Loved all the pics! x

  3. Thanks ladies, it really was. Honestly check out the new summer items...I must have that maxi dress! Xx

  4. aww sounds fab! I really need to get my act together and start taking part in the Next blogger network posts! Looks like you had a great time :)

    It was so lovely to meet you last weekend! Don't forget you owe me a big email :)

    Hannah xx

  5. Haha! I wont forget promise!

  6. It looks like a fab event- The maxi dress you liked is gorgeous, as is the pink dress underneath it :)

    Frances xx


  7. This sounds amazing! Lovely pictures! :)x


  8. Looks like the event was so fun, I was following on instagram and spotted a few pieces Id love to buy!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  9. I just wish the sun would stay out so I could wear all of these items! Roll on June! xx

  10. that looks a lot of fun lovely pieces


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