Sunday, 12 May 2013

Style: Spring Time Country

I have been quite busy this weekend and have only just sat down and stopped.  I am a bugger for cramming so much into my life that I often forget I do need some down time... and more importantly to give myself time to relax.  

I absolutely love flowers, and gardening is on my next checklist of things I must learn. I know that my favourite flowers are peonies and that I love any David Austen Roses, but I wouldn't know where to start with creating my own.  I was invited to attend the Chelsea Flower Show this year but unfortunately due to work I can't attend, I'm truly gutted because it's the one event I have never had a chance to get to.  When I flicked through the images from previous years shows it really made me realise how great it is to have a garden and be outdoors.  
Annie Bean SS13
I currently don't have a garden but hopefully that will all change soon, so I often visit my local town park, go on country walks or generally try be outside. The other day my boyfriend and I decided we would venture for a tea trip and go for a walk, all via some colourful outdoor scenery.
I often hate when we have a mix match of weather as it totally throws you with what to wear.  Annie Bean
 What I'm Wearing: 
Coat - F&F Trench Coat
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Nica Vanessa Shoulder Bag - £69.00
Nica Vanessa
As you can see my outfit is quite simple yet colourful and the main focal point is my scarf. I'm wearing a gorgeous Laura Orchant scarf, a designer that has just returned from Who's Next in Paris and Pure in London with rave reviews from international buyers and key fashion press. 
Laura Orchant
Fashion Scarf
Laura Orchant initially hand sketches the design and then digitally manipulates the drawing into an explosion of bright colours and fractal patterns.A lot of the 24 year old, Manchester born designers inspiration comes from nature, animals or the woman's form, this is then printed onto luxurious silk or viscous in various sizes. The scarves range from £80-£150.  

I am a huge fan of scarves which you will have noticed from my previous posts, but this one is my must have one at the moment.  It really makes a very average outfit come to life, especially with subtle hints of colour through the other garments. 
Nica Vanessa bag
Do you wear scarves in the spring or summer? 

I'm off to Barcelona this week with work and to be quite honest I'm not looking forward to packing! I'm going to be indoors most of the time and will be doing long days. Anyways I'll no doubt tell you all about my I've still got lots to tell you about my other adventures this weekend! 

Watch this space!



  1. Gorgeous! Love the bag and scarf :)

  2. you look beautiful!
    Emma xx

  3. really nice outfit, love the colors!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  4. Such a lovely coat! I've been looking for a trench for a while, so perhaps I should peruse the shopping aisles a little more carefully?! X

  5. Yeah I can't find ones I like easily, but this from Tesco is great! X

  6. So lovely look, love the bag: great colour and style! :D

  7. The bag is great...:)

  8. I recognise those jumpers ;) aww you look so cute! I still owe you an email but I keep getting distracted and forgetting about it!! Will try to get on it tomorrow though :)

    Hope you're well!

    Hannah xx

  9. Thanks Hannah! Haha, honestly I love them. Yes do send xx

  10. Gorgeous hand bag! Love the vibrant color <3


  11. The coral colour is stunning, it comes in different but similar styles too.

  12. Beautiful outfit, love the coral bag.
    Just followed your lovely blog.
    FashionProject x

  13. Lovely photos Annie :)
    The top shop shoes are very cute!

    Ila x

  14. Nice bag!!! You look beautiful!! :)


  15. Thanks my dear - I do love my Nica bag!

  16. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information. motorguide

  17. I love your scarf! I love wearing scarves in the spring and summer as well. I found some great scarves at Pecah Couture. Do check them out! I think yo uwill love them!


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