Monday, 27 May 2013

Style: Vibrantly Does It

The weather is up and down like a yo-yo so finding something to wear can be quite hard.  I don't know if my legs should be out or hidden away... I do know they're extremely pale and quite honestly they could simply fade into the background!  I don't want to really give into the weather and wear drab items that reflect it - I want to be vibrant and full of colour. 
 I've decided with this outfit to embrace colour but at the same time be wise and add my black tights.  Obviously if and when it gets warmer this dress is ideal for spring/summer. 
I know the entire look isn't exactly ground breaking, but I just wanted to show you how a bit of colour can go a long way.  Adding some vibrant tones to anything can really pull a look together and at present I seem to be surrendered to coral... particularly on this peter pan collar dress from Darling clothing. 
With regards to my hair I have simply taken a elasticated black hair band and threaded my hair around it.  Very easy to do and looks far more complicated than it is but really finishes it off.
Cute black patent ballerina pumps with bows, and delicate silver bird studs both add to the feminine look I was aiming for.  You can add and build more to this look, but if you're in a rush or don't want to head for your jeans but still want to appear like you've made some effort... this ticks that box.
What I'm Wearing
Dress - Darling Peter Pan Collar Coral - £52.00
Tights - M&S Autogragh Cooling Tights - £8.00
Bangles - Charity Shop
Shoes - F&F Sensitive Sole Patent Ballet Pumps - £15.00
Earrings - Gingey Bites Earrings

I'm a sucker for colour at the moment as I'm sure many of you are.  This is my all time favourite time of year, I finally feel I can come out of hibernation!  I haven't felt blue for a while and I can honestly say it's because the sun has popped out to say hello. 

What are you're safety items to wear for this mix match weather? 


  1. The colour of the dress is so cute and I love your hairdo!

  2. Thanks Kaisa, coral just brightens everything up!

  3. That is a gorgeous dress and your hair does look a lot more complicated than it sounds! x

  4. Ahh m'little Annie, you look so lovely! I agree, I've been much happier just recently. The weather makes all the difference.

  5. I may well do a YouTube video on how to do it :) haha thanks my dearest... We reeeeaally need to catch up soon xx

  6. Love your dress!
    Especially the collars!!

  7. Such a cute dress & colour!

  8. I don't own many collared dresses actually but the detail on this one sold me!


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