Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Beauty and the Beach 2

When I go on holiday my hair will rebel. At the best of times me and my hair don't get on, but teamed with the sea and sun... it's very much a Monica from Friends hair situation..."It's the humidity!"

For the Travel Supermarket Beauty & The Beach 2 competition.  All you need to do is show how you would create holiday hair, make up or nails.  You can enter as many as you like and each catergory is giving away a prize of £500. I'm going to do holiday hair for my entry and I'm simply going to show you one of the most versatile hairstyles.  This works as a fantastic style for when you want to quickly get your hair sorted but also look great.  I personally find this works best once I've had a day in the sun and want to head out for a cheeky cocktail... plus if I am being honest I find I'm reluctant to doing too much styling whilst I'm away. 

Holiday Hair

The band I've used with the feather on is one I got at the Clothes Show about two years ago, but any standard oversized elasticated hair band will work.  As I say this can work both day and night, you can keep it plain in the day then add a decorated band for the night. 

Pop the hair band over the top you hair then pull your fringe through (if you have one) but leave the rest of your hair where it is.  Next pick up the ends of your hair and simply tuck them under the hair band... and that is it... told you it was easy!  :)

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