Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to avoid VML

What the devil is VML you ask? It stands for Visible Mobile Line and is understandably on the same level as the ultimate fashion faux pas being the VPL.  Confused? Well brace yourselves and let George Lamb explain a bit more...
As you can see it is quite an issue... but how do we fix it? 
George Lamb is very right about this. There have been a number of celebrities making this foul mistake and have now come under fire by Lamb.  Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Matt Smith, HRH Duke of Cambridge, Wayne Rooney, Brad Pitt and Danny from The Script all sporting VML's thanks to their mobile phones.  Although men are usually guilty of this hideous problem women do fall pray to the wrath of the VML as well.
A man of style but what I spy? Oh yes you get a yellow card for that VML!
Harry Style VML
Mr Styles you're styles by name and styles by nature but that is a terrible VML!
Danny Script 02
Oh Danny. This one gets my red card... skinny jeans and a VML just don't mix.
  ‘This has gone long enough. Too long have we stood back and watched innocent people destroy their clothes because they didn’t have another option. This is all about teaching the public that there is another way, they do have choices, and they can save their style. Gone are the days of unsightly bulges straining against women and men’s thighs, O2 and Huawei are their saviour, and I am here to spread the message.’
With the help of the super sleek TV presenter, 02 plan to tackle the battle of the bulge by educating us Brits into using the new 6.18mm super slim Huawei Ascend P6 smartphone.  The new device slides effortlessly into pockets making the term VML a thing of the past.
If your wearing skin tight jeans or your man is in a slim fitted suit and a VML strikes... doesn't it completely ruin the entire look?  Heads should be nodding now.  At a wedding I went to even the men in their dapper suits were victim to the VML. O2 are taking it into their own hands as the Huawei Ascend P6 smartphone is made available to their customers
Still worried about having VML? You CAN beat it!  Find out how with Huawei Ascend P6, visit http://o2lin.kr/NoMoreVML


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  1. Ha ha! I loved this post. I know it's tongue in cheek but I think it's a great marketing campaign as it's totally true. Especially as mobiles are getting bigger and bigger. I know personally if I have some tightish jeans on I'm always conscious of my mobile being visible through them!

    1. Funny thing is since I wrote it I had to stop putting my mobile in my front pocket of my skinny jeans! I can't commit the crime... I just can't! :)


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