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Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art

little mistress prom dressI couldn't believe that I was finally going to the Royal Albert Hall for one of the BBC proms concerts.  I'd dreamt of going to the venue since I was a little girl and now I was finally going to see what all the fuss was about.
prom little mistress

I had been invited to join the audience at the BBC Proms 65 concert on Saturday 31st; I decided to take fellow blogger friend Sophie and were both pretty excited about going... 

I won't lie I've applied every year to go to the last night of the proms and failed each time, I live in hope that one day I'll get to attend instead of having a Proms party at home but actually going to another concert in the run up was extremely exciting.

Personally I'm a big classical music fan but my knowledge of certain composers and any contemporary or abstract pieces is somewhat quite limited.  After searching the BBC Proms website for concerts I discovered the BBC Proms 65 which was film music to be performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by none other than Keith Lockhart.

little mistress dress cream
Without necessarily knowing it we all will all know some kind of film theme tune and many will have heard of the very talented John Williams.  

The Outfit
  beautiful dress for prom 
 In true form I hadn't a clue what to wear.  I wanted to look like I'd made an effort for such an event, so I went with a beautiful dress from Little Mistress.
dresses eyecatching
little mistress pretty
cream suede heels
I went for a nude palette for the evening as I figured my days were numbered for wearing light colours, so thought I'd simply embrace the warm summers evening. 
  Annie Bean little mistress dress
What I'm wearing:
Dress Little Mistress Heavily Embellished Keyhole Back Party Dress* - £60.00
-This is currently out of stock but a super cute similar one is the Little Mistress Cream with Flower Detail Prom - £55.00
Bag - Vintage
Earrings - Oliver Bonas 
Heels - AllSaints Cream Suede Heels

I didn't add much to this look purely because this kind of dress really does the talking! This gorgeous cream chiffon dress is embellished around the neckline with a satin look waistband and key hole back detail.  It felt amazing on and whilst waiting for my train I kept getting compliements off everyone. I did get slightly annoyed with the netting underneath as I kept forgetting it would work its way up after I'd been sitting down!  The netting however gave a little lift creating the nipped in waist with the prom style skirt.... it was the ideal dress for this event.

The Show
Film music from British war films dominated the first half with Walton's original music for 'Battle of Britain'.  For me I feel quite moved with nostalgia when I hear these sorts of songs, mainly because it makes me think of the heroic people from our past. 

Personally my favourite piece from this entire section was the March from Ice Cold in Alex; it had a wonderful build up from the strong brass section and drum making you picture all the men marching off to save their country.  Something I didn't realise was how British battle music makes you feel very patriotic, do you ever feel that?

After the war themed introduction we were then moved onto the talents of Viola player Lawrence Power, who played pieces from the costume drama Lady Caroline Lamb.   I've never been one to stop and listen to string solo or more specifically a viola, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the pieces played by Lawrence; smooth, calm and extremely relaxing.

The next piece was Warsaw Concerto from Dangerous Moonlight.  With this piece we had the presence of pianist Valentina Lisitsa and my goodness I have never seen anybody play the piano quite like she did.  When she was playing it didn't even look like her fingers had touched the keys, now I play the piano but to play like that is pure talent!   That particular piece was something you'd envision in a dream and it made me wish I still had a piano at home.

little mistress annie

After the interval we were onto what I like to call 'Futurist Battles', from the likes of Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Independence Day, Star Trek and of course Star Wars.

For me I was more excited about this half of the concert because I love all of those films.  My Dad has always been a sci-fi film nut and I'm exactly the same... May the force be with you.
The films by George Lucas are iconic on their own accord but equally so the music goes hand in hand with it. Is it the film that makes the music? Or the music that makes the film?  The BBC Concert Orchestra gave a world class combination of Star Wars classics; the Imperial March, Princess Leia's Theme, Cantina Band and the Main Title.
 I couldn't believe what a marvellous experience I'd had; as if just going to the Royal Albert Hall alone wasn't enough the music was out of this world. I loved the way the set had been put together mixing old film with new film, allowing all ages to get something from the concert.  They really did finish on a high with a filmic encore being another John Williams classic, none other than the theme from Superman. 

If you're thinking about seeing classical music or want to learn some more, check out the BBC Proms website or even listen to the BBC Proms 65.  There is this misconception that classical music is stiff and boring, it really isn't and you'd be surprised how many fantastic theme tunes all stem from classical songs.  If you can't make any concerts make sure you catch the Last Night of The Proms and I'm sure you'll fall in love with the music just like I did.




  1. you looked so gorgeous! thanks for taking me

    Sophie xx

    1. Thanks for coming my dear xx

  2. This dress is beautiful. You look lovely. X

    1. A bargain too! We all need one of these in our wardrobes!

  3. Hi! I'm thinking of getting this dress myself. Could you tell me the length of the dress for reference? Thank you!


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