Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Toni & Guy Fashion Fix AW13

Each time I head to London Fashion Week I always like to try a new hairstyle, so I love the fact Toni & Guy launch a new collection of Fashion Fix hairstyle during each fashion week.

This time we had three hot new styles Pretty in Punk, Noveau Knot & Fashion Fringe.  I couldm't wait to try the looks out whilst I was at fashion week!
lfw fashion hair
Pretty In Punk:  
A treat for the 90's trend with a sleek side braid
Fashion Fringe
A style that combines this season must haves; fringes and knots!  Ideal for the ladies with long hair but adaptable for shorter hair.
 Noveau Knot
A classic spin on the chignon style

On day one of fashion week I decided to opt for the Pretty in Punk style. It fitted well with my rock inspired look complete with my tartan leggings, and because it was a tight side braid it was a softer twist of a shaved side inspiration... still giving it utter edge!
lfw toni & guy punk
lfw toni&guy punk
The must have product to recreate this style is the Toni & Guy label.m dry shampoo, this gives the hair a more matty finish and therefore keeps it in place.  
Styles LFW
I think I was actually quite surprised how much I loved this hair style, it's far more quirky than my normal 'big hair' I usually go for, but I am really pleased with it.

Next on the list was the Noveau Knot, for this I was extremely excited because I love any style that requires lifted hair and some good old fashioned volume.
noveau knot toni & guy
The wonderful team at Toni & Guy used their label.m salt spray, (which I've tried previously & highly reccommend) that created the lift and kept it in place all day long! I absolutely loved this look so much as it was effortless but super stylish.
For the last day I was actually going to go for the fashion fringe but as my hair is too short it was decided it just wouldn't suit.  Instead the Toni & Guy team simple washed, cut and blow dried my hair to look delicious all day long.

You've seen the Toni & Guy AW13 Fashion Fix styles but which is your favourite?  

30 minutes for £25.00 and you can have your own fashion fix look from any Toni & Guy salon. Don't forget you get a complimentary product with every fashion fix!



  1. I love the first one! Would love to get my hair all done up like this! Definitely couldn't do it myself!!

    1. Hey Kylie, No I couldn't either - I'm really lazy when it comes to hair styling! xx


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