Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cambridge Satchel Company... Meeting Julie

Firstly let me apologise for being so slack in blogging recently, it seems that work has taken over and swallowed me whole!  I have SO much to report on that when I began typing I actually had no idea where to start....

A few weeks ago I decided to venture to Cambridge to meet the wonderful Julie Deane from The Cambridge Satchel company.  I'd previously been to Cambridge to run the half marathon so I'd really only seen the race route and didn't get to explore much further, so when I was invited by Julie I snapped up the chance. 
Off me and the boy went on a road trip...

After an early morning start and a cheeky coffee stop enroute we made it to Cambridge and found the cute Rose Crescent Cambridge Satchel Shop.   Greeted by a bundle of smiles I browsed the gorgeous range of satchels on display as I waited for Julie.  It was super to see the flagship store and as I've been such a fan since it began, It was generally just a great experience seeing all the ranges available.
I immediately spotted the side wall full of this seasons collaboration with Vivienne Westwood.  My personal favourite is the white and red but each is so uber stylish.
satchel westwood
One thing I did notice as I was browsing with Julie was the fact there are so many colours and prints for these satchels... who would think a satchel could be so versatile?!
tartan satchel
Cambridge Shop
After browsing the items in the shop,Julie, Jess (Julie's lovely assistant) and I went for a coffee and a chin wag.  I heard the tale of how Julie started the company and we generally had a nice little gossip... I did learn that there are some very exciting new things coming up for them so watch this space!

"I could not feel more excited to announce the collaboration of Vivienne Westwood and The Cambridge Satchel Company. Vivienne Westwood is an iconic British designer with a strong ethical base and I am incredibly proud of the association."

Remember these Vivienne Westwood bags are limited edition so if you want one you'd better get in there quick! The satchels are £195 for 14” and £170 for 11



  1. This is such an inspirational brand. I love that they are on the Google advert, it is such an uplifting ad! It's great that julie and her team works with bloggers and that there is a mutual support there x

  2. Me encantan los bolsos!

  3. Wow those Vivienne Westwood satchels are just perfect! Looking forward to meeting you at the East Midlands meet up!

    Style Blog // Photography Blog // Photography Facebook

    1. I know! I wanted them all! You too xx

  4. These Vivienne Westwood satchels are to die for, I need a small lottery win so that I can purchase myself one! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  5. Wow - this is awesome! Love this post!



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