Monday, 26 May 2014

Dare to different with Chrysler Ypsilon - Week 2.

Vice vs Virtue Chrysler

Another week and another week of challenges!  That's right if you have been following me I have been taking part in the Chrysler YpsilonVice Vs Virtue. It is all about encouraging women to take a step out of their comfort zone by trying something they wouldn't usually!  Each day an exciting new Dare to be Different challenge emerges and I have been having a go…

Since the launch on Monday 12th May the Vice Vs Virtue campaign has seen a number of exciting challenges to try out.  Since taking part I have been taking part in a variety challenges which have been posted on the
Stylist website.  
 Each day there is a Chrysler Vice or Virtue option for you to challenge yourself with, plus they have some exciting prizes for you to win just by voting which you would do.  Last week I tried all sorts out but mainly stuck to the Vices rather than the Virtues, but as in my last post I promised this week I would at least try something I would never normally do...

After my adventures of horse riding last Sunday the new Vices vs Virtues began to appear on
Stylist Magazine's website.  I decided that Monday wasn't for me (bunker down with a pizza or take a scenic route to work) due to my vigorous fitness training plan towards my triathlon, however Tuesday seemed a good challenge to embrace.

Dare to bare and go to work make-up free

Dare to bare and go on a date make-up free

I decided to go to work make up free. I would of gone with Vice but my other half sees me make up free quite a bit so it isn't exactly new!  One thing I will say about going make up free to work/for the day is that my skin felt so thankful for it.  It made me realise perhaps I don't need to wear so much on a daily basis? 

Wednesday arrived with its latest challenge...

Sing in the shower

Sing on the street

I really had to think about this and decided I wasn't brave enough to sing in public, I get really embarrassed about my singing so decided to have a good old sing in the shower.  I took the radio in with me and went for it.  I forgot how much I loved to sing in the shower! 

Thursday I thought enough was enough... I needed to try a Vice and would pick whatever it was for the day.

Go back to basics and learn to bake bread

Or experience a taste of the exotic and take a pole dancing lesson

Not only had I decided to try something totally new I was having to go on my own as none of my friends could come.  This was a big challenge and I was pretrified! 

I'd finished a long day at work and found my local pole dancing class at Elegance.  After seeing all the other girls zip around the poles looking so effortless made me all the more nervous... could I do that?  After an hour I was really giving it a go and my goodness I loved it!  

I won't lie to the next couple of days afterwards I was aching making my swim training really hard work! Oh and you may have seen bruising images on instagram... well that was from the pole! Ouch! 

Apparently I bruise like a peach!

After bruising like a peach and having to train lots whilst aching I was very ready for Saturday's Vice or Virtue challenge

Make a mocktail

Make a cocktail

I was all about the cocktail and decided to teach myself to make a cocktail using my Andrew James cocktail making kit.


There you have my summary of week two and all it's exciting challenges.  This week is the final week of the Vice Vs Virtue Challenges and I'm very ready to try some new Vices and Virtues out, so make sure you're following me on
twitter and Instagram

Annie xoxo


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