Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dare to different with Chrysler Ypsilon - Week 3.

 On to the last week of exciting challenges from the Chrysler Vice vs virtue campaign...
The Chrysler Vice vs Virtue campaign is all for he promotion of being a daredevil, throwing caution to the wind and trying something you wouldn't normally!  By following the daily challenges and selecting which you would be willing to do, you could win some fantastic prizes! To take part head to the Stylist Magazine website.

So I have been taking part and over the last two weeks I've tried so many things I would never do normally. Continuing on this week I've loved some of the challenges and had another go at some more fun activities!

Streak your hair with bright coloured hair chalks

Get a head-turning haircut or dip dye your style
I decided to go for Virtue (sort of) as I have had my fair share of hair disasters.  Last  mishap was the day before my sisters wedding and my hair was so white blonde it just looked plain silly... I've just about managed to get my hair back to good condition and that's been 2 years! 
Anyways I have always wanted a crazy colour for my hair so decided to test out some Toni & Guy colourful chalk sprays and went a bit crazy for the day.  Do you know what?  I loved it!  I don't like to draw attention to myself but this was really invigorating to do.  

A happy start to the week I was ready for my next challenge... 

Download music tracks that aren't your usual taste

Book tickets to a gig with an up and coming new band

It turns out me and my fellow blogging buddy Rosie did the same challenge and even went for the same genre.  Country music.  I'm a fan of all kinds of music and do have an eclectic taste but haven't ever given country music a good listen.  

Throw and impromptu BBQ tonight and celebrate friendship

Through an impromptu party and invite everyone on your facebook page

I would of chosen Vice but decided to keep my quiet neighbourhood happy by selecting Virtue.  My boyfriend and I thought it would be a super evening if we invited some of our close friends we'd hadn't seen in awhile.  Burgers, hot dogs, beer and cocktails = happy friends.  

Wear some bright and impractical underwear

Go commando! 

 I am really funny about what sort of underwear I wear on a day to day basis, if I'm really honest I'm quite tame and go for comfort!  After seeing the next challenge I decided I'd head out and buy a totally impractical pair of knickers...Yes they were bright pink! 

Also technically I've gone commando quite a lot recently as in a trisuit you can't really wear underwear, so for this challenge I've completed them both!  Woo! 

My challenges have been completed with two more to finish off for this week.  I've promised myself that at least one of the two days I will complete a Vice!  Not sure what I may have let myself in for....

Have you been enjoying this campaign?  Did you have a go? Don't forget two more chances to win some amazing prizes.  

Follow me  on twitter and Instagram to find out what I am challenged to!  

Go on... Dare to Be Different! 


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