Sunday, 22 June 2014

Making a hallway

It's nearly been a whole year since we bought and moved to our house.  How time flies! We have done some changes but as you can imagine it can be quite costly, so everything has been done in bits.

We began with the main bedroom which mainly was because it was disgusting! Red carpet, yellow walls and orange flowered border.  Exactly.

 There was no way on earth was I going to be able to relax in such a room, so with what money we had left after moving we completely revamped the room.  The walls were changed, colour scheme, carpet and a built in wardrobe.  It now is a sleeping haven.
Since then I've started to create a blogging office which has taken an age due to no time.  I started a new job after we moved and that sort of took over.  We did venture into the garden and that is looking better every single day.

The next area I think for us is the hall way.  It gets the most track going through it so the already worn carpet needs to go.  We did discovered because we are on a hill we have got huge gaps under our floorboard, so we've decided to insulate it then use the natural floorboard under the carpet.
With this all in mind I've created a bit of a mood board to creating a welcoming hallway.  You must remember that regardless if guests see any other part of your home, they will always see the hallway and first impressions are everything.
As we would insulate but take away the carpet we definitely need some sort of rug to keep the heat.  We have a small window in our hallway that peaks into our carport, this isn't double glazed so that can often make it quite chilly.

Luckily we have a porch so all the coats can be stored in there,  but as a fashion and lifestyle blogger we do have a rather large selection of shoes!

Hall Way
I like the idea of making the room really light and open.  Problem is with our hallway is that it's quite small so having too much stuff there can make it look really cramped. 

Key things for your hallway

Shoe Rack
Have a look in Ikea for crafty storage ideas with shoes.  If you don't have much space they have some genius ideas!

Telephone table and phone
 Isn't this just where a telephone lives?! 

Coat stand or hooks
 If you don't have a porch you'll need something to hang your coats on.  You can get some pretty hooks from Laura Ashley

Great to create warmth especially on wooden floors but works fine on carpet. Some quality and affordable ones from Carpetright

Lamps and clocks 
Even though not a must have they do help create a hallway.  Having a lamp is a good idea as you can put this on a timer if you were to go away, and obviously some kind of a clock is always handy. 

Over the next few weeks as we work on making the hallway, I'll keep you posted on what we decide to create.


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