Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Festival Ready Jewellery Wishlist

Festival season is in ful swing.  A time when sunglasses and wellies join together and when we switch regular shampoo for the dry variety.  It's here. 

I have been to my fair share of festivals over the years... Including (scarily) Glastonbury ten years ago! Each time I find it hard to pack due to the hit and miss British climate, but one thing I always do is take accessories.  I'm a firm believer that if I wear the same thirst or rock up in the same cut off denim shorts, by having a funky necklace or statement earrings - it makes the look totally unique. 

Below I've selected some key statement pieces to give you that boho hippy festival chic we all crave! 
Lots of browns with bold rustic tones, tassels, beading and mixing up textures. 

Festival Fun

What do you think? Some of the high street options really do knock the socks off designer, sometimes I can't even tell the difference.  Team these with a simple black vest, wellies and ripped shorts and you are the stylish festival goer! The bonus is that you don't have to lug loads around with you as of course it's litghter than packing for all the weather 'what ifs' 

What are your favourites from my selection? And what festivals will you be heading to? 


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