Monday, 1 September 2014

Brogues Brogues Brogues!

I can't quite get over how quick the summer is slipping through our fingers.  Only the other day I went hunting for a bikini for a late summer getaway and the shops are replacing all beachwear with ponchos, woollen jumpers and an army of clothing fit for AW14. It all looks wonderful with rich tones and fabrics but what am I to do in the meantime... it's official we've hit the in between season stage. 

The other day I ventured off to London for a Next blogging event where I was going to be running about London and of course catching up with my friends.  I had spotted some brogues in a gorgeous colour from Clarks and wondered if I could pull them off.

Brogues have been an item I've picked and put back down on numerous occasions, I sometimes feel they look a bit too masculine or that they will cut off my legs and make me look chunky.  However I decided I'd try to be daring and purchased these little stunners from Clarks.

The inbetweeners AW14

5. H&M Wool Black Hat - £12.99
8. Aldo Laraewen Bangles - £12.00

Like a glove.  They felt amazing on and I can happily say that I did do the silly thing of wearing new shoes whilst having a day walking about in London, but I can certainly say there was no pain at all and my feet were content all day.  I did used to have this preconception that Clarks shoes were quite 'frumpy' but I was quite surprised when I took a nosey the other day. 

Obviously there is old lady style footwear but there are a lot of shoes that you would think were from somewhere else and are super stylish.... especially all there ranges of womens brogues*.  
Can you believe the ones I've put above are all from Clarks?!  I know!  I'm a huge fan of the side buckle flats and the patent tassel flats too, both ideal for work and with thick tights and a dress or jeans.  

Have you gone into Clarks recently?  Honestly (in danger of sounding old) I will be buying more shoes from there as I know I'm going to be able to walk in them without being in lots of pain and you're not damaging your feet! 



  1. Loving the brogues! So much so I blogged about them myself today... Have also been very pleasantly surprised by Clark's recently - some seriously good sandals too!

    Kat |

    1. Me too... which is why I couldn't even resist spending! Yeah I know! When did Clarks get fashionable?! :)

  2. I live in brogues in the winter love them

    Over on my little blog I am having a Real Techniques, YSL and Barry M giveaway :


    1. I never used to but this season I definitely am. Ooo I will have a look :)

  3. So cool stuff is here. I like these brogues accessories.

    Snowboarding and Skiing Clothing & Gear


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