Become a Zombie for Halloween


You may or may not of seen from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that I've had a creative Sunday!  I have been creating a Zombie look for Halloween this coming Friday.  I'm having a big Halloween party and I'm going at Snow Fright who is a Zombie so I've decided to share my journey of making a frightening look!

If you need some costume ideas check out my last Halloween post about fancy dress inspiration.  I'm going as Snow Fright* (Zombie Snow White) with the costume from Fancy Dress City.  You can every kind of fancy dress item from there but if you are just wanting a mask or something very basic I suggest Wilkos or Poundland for some ideas.  

I've created a tutorial video of how I have created the look and the items I used.  Hopefully it'll be helpful and get you to your Zombie look goal!

You will need:

Liquid latex
Paint brush
White facepaint
Black cream paint
Red lip liner
Fake blood
Various eye shadows
Make up brush

Any queries or questions please let me know. 

Happy Halloween!


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