Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Making your own curtains

For the past few weekends I seem to be dedicating to revamping my home.  I have been in this house for just over a year and I’m starting to chip away at certain elements to bring the house up to date. I actually took a course to learn to make my own curtains which was an amazing idea but a long process!  I somehow managed to select the heaviest fabric with a pattern – school girl error!  Basically I made curtain making harder than I needed to.  Typical.

I know this may not be the most exciting post but I wanted to give you ideas on how to keep costs down with curtain making and also picked out some amazing readymade curtains.  I used to associate curtain buying on the same level as hunting for a sofa or going into a carpet shop...snoozefest... but it doesn’t have to be like that. 

Where to start

First things first, you can make curtains yourself.  You will save a lot more money than buying any from a shop and you’re far more likely to have a pair that is a perfect fit. 
If money is your issue and you can’t afford to pay for curtain material and go on a course then you can use the wonderful world of YouTube to guide you.  For most of my DIY stuff (including up cycling my old desk) I have used some sort of online video.  I’ve popped an easy to follow below to create basic lined curtains, but also have a look at this website for more details. 


Fabric doesn’t have to be super expensive either; my fabric was from a local fabric specific shop and heavy duty upholstery fabric.  They are so tough that I am actually struggling to find a curtain pole to hold them up! 

A lot of local markets have some great material and affordable prices, just work out how thick you want your curtains to be and colour etc and I’m sure you will find something appropriate.


You will need sewing needles and thread – you can get these from cheap Poundland style shops but you do get what you pay for.  Depending on fabric density you can bend needles and pins easily.  So invest well if you want your curtains to keep but you won’t have to pay the earth.

A good pair of scissors is essential.  I made a few errors when making mine by simply using bad scissors as the cut wasn’t as crisp as it could be. 

Buying a sewing machine is a must if you are making your own curtains.  You can spend a lot of money on one but equally so you don’t have to as there are many available.  For me personally I’d go for middle range then that way you have a semi decent one for future sewing.  Really good ones tend to be a Singer sewing machine, but there are numerous out there so instead of going to specific sewing shops try somewhere like Tescos (they have a number available)

Once you’ve made curtains once you’ll be flying through your next.  It is time consuming but in the long run you’ve made something yourself, saved money and developed a great life skill. 


Some places do provide readymade curtains and you can get some beautiful fabrics that can brighten up any room.  I do enjoy making my own but sometimes I love some fabric so much that I’d prefer readymade.

Laura Ashley is often a key choice for me but you can often get the fabric to make your own.  It is quite expensive but you do get quality fabric.  My Mum has used Laura Ashley for years to create curtains and cushions etc.   However if you’re looking for simple items try Ikea and H&M but remember they may need lining anyway as the fabric tends to be pretty thin.  Try Tesco, Next, House of Fraser etc for some other choices. 

I’m on an ongoing hunt for a decent curtain pole that can cater to very heavy curtains but I’m struggling.  Anyone know of any?  Ideally I’m after a none extending one as they don’t hold the weight.

If you do decide to get sewing machine happy and create your own curtains make sure you let me know how you get on.  I’m going to make some for my new office!





  1. Ooh very crafty! I love how the curtain options you've included are all good value too!

    1. Thanks hun! I do like a good bargain! :)

  2. Well this is awesome! I would love to make my own curtains... I'm afraid I'll be super bad at it though BUT I should at least try, right? :P


    1. You should! Mine took me ages I won't lie but I think the kind of fabric played a big part in that. Give it a go but use a plain fabric xx


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