Tuesday, 18 November 2014

F&F SS15 Press Day

F&F Clothing

I was lucky to have a chat to one of the amazing F&F designers, (who was lovely to chat to might I add) and he told me in detail where various inspirations had come from for each area. Just by initially looking around the venue, (before my guided tour) you'd of never ever thought this was a brand from a supermarket... it still baffles me now. 

I have a lot of their clothes so was really interested to see where inspiration had come from for their upcoming lines.

boyfriend coat F&F
Fringe bag black
metallic top

The press photos for some of the range were projected onto the walls and they showcased some of their flared trousers and long lined waistcoats.  I spotted a white flared jumpsuit which looked and felt like the quality of a garment from Reiss, but of course this was in fact from F&F and a fraction of the price.   There were vibrant palettes in the adaptations of some of the jumpsuits, some of which featured bandeau necklines and were culottes. This to me oozed comfortable sophistication and sleek style… I truly can’t wait to get my hands on this range. 

F&F Boxy skirt
striped fabric

There were staple items like with any label, these were the must haves for work and the simple tops to throw on with jeans… which is one of the many marvellous things about F&F – they provide a mixture but still like to diversify each season.  Parka, bomber and boyfriend coats are to be seen in SS15 in a variety of colours, I was especially drawn to the raspberry boyfriend coat for SS15 vibrancy.

F&F Dungarees
patterned sunshine yellow

I was seeing a lot of sport-inspired pieces with a vague blur between work wear and heading to the gym.  They’ve previously used the same cut before but this time jogger pants had new patterns and now we were seeing all-in-one short suits.  It gave off a sense of sport luxe but without being something to wear for a workout. 

Bead clutch bag
Sunglasses flowers
SS15 accessories

Boxy blouses and boxy cut skirts were a firm favourite amongst the collections, I particularly was fond of the striped boxy skirt and cropped top, another example of an item that you wouldn’t natural assume was from F&F.  Inspiration was drawn from 50’s silhouettes in metallic t-shirt and cute tailored shorts but with a modern twist.

F&F SS15 Heels

The classic summer collection for beaches and sunshine frolics, were of course kimonos but with fringing and embroidery detail.  A chiffon patterned shirt dress in paisley particularly caught my eye, even though this style could be seen in other assortments, this one was my top selection because of its innovative flair from the pattern. It felt luxurious and perfect for evening cocktails by the beach or lounging around the pool.

Tesco sports wear
sports wear like sweaty betty
fashionable fitness

As a fitness lover I’m a sucker for a patterned workout legging... I have numerous!  Other brands can charge through the roof for a similar look but F&F are producing an affordable active range.  When I browsed through I was already working out what I would be wearing for what classes, lots of vibrant colours, patterns, technical kit and trainers. F&F have come so far to be offering such a high quality and an eclectic range of fitness gear.

Overall it was a jaw dropping selection of clothing for SS15 and I’d certainly say I know where I’m shopping for the entire summer. 



  1. I've been really impressed with F&F lately so can't wait to see what they come up with for next season! I love the look of that blue and yellow print x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Honestly... you'll be more impressed than ever I struggled to find something I wouldn't want!x

  2. I couldn't get enough of the co-ords from this collection. So amazing!

    1. I agree! Shame I didn't get to see you! x


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