Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Flirty Thirty

 Hybrid fitted dress
Hybrid workwear
party dress
omega luxe dress hybrid
Bolero - Wallis  (similar here from Monsoon)
Clutch - F&F Metal Trim Clutch* (from press day)
Bangle -  Spitalfields Market

What a miserable day! I woke up this morning ready for action only to be greeted by something that is dark, damp and horrible. Yawn.. show me the coffee!

To chirp things up a bit on the blog today I've got a style post from when I went out over the weekend as a belated birthday celebration. Both my fiance and I had huge parties so thought it'd be nice to just go and have a chance for a quieter toast.  I never tend to really make an effort with what I wear over the colder months, (I know as a fashion blogger that is pretty ludicrous) but it can be quite hard to motivate yourself when you'd rather ditch heels for slippers and swap a dress for your pjs.

I'm wearing a bodycon dress from Hybrid which I utterly adore, when I first got it I looked at it and thought 1.there is no way I'm getting into that and 2.I'm going to look awful in it.  I don't usually go for fitted dress because of the cling factor but how the dress is made (really high quality fabric) and the way the blocks of colour are put together, it makes you feel slim, sexy and I was ultimately proved wrong from my initial judgement.

There is actually a zip that goes right from the top of the dress all the way down to the bottom, giving it a little something different from what we'd usually see in a bodycon.  The colours make is versatile across every season but for me this is perfect number for the upcoming parties, cocktails with the girls and potentially work meetings. 
how to style a bodycon dress

I can't quite believe I'm 30... it was lovely at the Debenham press day when Lucia Grace from Style Confessional thought I was 23/24... I love her all the more for that! Anyways this week you have a lot to look forward to with some more style post for AW14 then of course I'm going to be giving you some Christmas gift inspiration so watch out for that!



  1. Love this, very classy and sophisticated.. I'm 30 in 6 months time... meh.. is all I've got to say! (Happy Belated Birthday!) x

    1. Thank Kate :) I feel no different but it's odd because when I was younger 30 seemed so old, but now I'm here it really doesn't!x

  2. You look AMAZING!! Didn't know you were 30 I honestly thought you were a lot younger!! :)


    1. Haha thanks hun! Yay! I love that when people think I look younger :) xx


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