Monday, 10 November 2014

Splish Splash Bathroom Makeover

I'm finding it hard to cope with the rest of my house since redecorating my office space.  I don't know if you've ever felt the same but since completely changing one room for the better, I feel a bit deflated about the other rooms now and they seem a bit glum and uninspiring.  Obviously in an ideal world I would of won the lottery and be able to do my entire house up in an instant... actually scratch that I'd be buying a house in the South of France, but without endless amounts of money I'm having to be really thrifty to redecorate our bathroom.

We're in the process of the kitchen which I will no doubt fill you on but I'm now looking at our bathroom. I hate the bathroom with a passion, about as much as I hated the main bedroom when we first moved in, (I'm shaking my head as I type this) I have no words about the bathroom. 

Okay, okay so we can live with it and have done for a whole year but now it needs sorting. See the image below.  What are those tiles about? And, can you see what my biggest pet peeve is? No big mirror as the sink is under the window!  Oh my word the design aspect is ridiculous but there is no real room for minouva, leaving me the only option to bring it up to date and try to use compact storage ideas.
Bathroom Makeover
We said that we're going to rip out that bathroom suite and have since eyeing up a lovely range from B&Q.  Last time I was there... hang on... before I get started can I just stop and look at my last sentence? When did I start liking B&Q?! Sorry moving on, they have three affordable suites to chose from so if you're doing up a house to rent out or a quick fix, they're nice and cheap.  The one we want is the more expensive one but still comes in at under £500. None of them are bad at all.

BARGAIN! £299 for this Cooke & Lewis Seattle Suite

We're looking at panelling along the sides and down the bath.  I've seen some wonderful ideas for different colours and styles and have put them together on my Pinterest account if you fancy a nose. Adding this sort of thing can really lift your whole bathroom and doesn't cost a lot to do, especially if you want to do it yourself.  An added bonus is that the panelling around the bath could be lifted up to create additional storage.

At my parents house I had an en suite bathroom which was a basic shower until I moved out, (typical) and now it's an amazing walk in, all singing, all dancing power shower.  Showering there is like being at some kind of a spa it's that good.  Obviously we don't have the room to do that and also if and when I have children they'll need a proper bath, however I will want a decent power shower that works for our bathroom regardless.  I found some decent bits and bobs from Mira showers and I particularly liked these three styles below but there is lots of different varieties, take a look at the Mira electric shower range to find more styles. 

The tiles I think we're going to go for plain white and unlike it is at present, only have tiles in limited places.  Not quite sure why they are everywhere... is that a thing?  White tiles ae quite possibly the cheapest ones out there and you can't go wrong really as they'll never date.  Keeping colours simple and things unpatterned allows the flexibility to change bits in the future rather than going through this whole rigmarole again. 

I do love a good moodboard so I've created some bath inspiration ideas below. As you can see I am looking for lots of pure and simple colours.
Bathroom Wants

Great places I've found that are good to hunt for bathroom bits and bobs are Oliver Bonas, Next, Debenhams, Habitat and French Connection.  Unique ornaments and paintings are found in places like this and that gives your bathroom a bit of individuality and character.

I'd be really interested to know if anyone has had similar problems with their bathroom in terms of layout and size?  It'd be great to see how you managed to make it work, please send me any links on the comments box below.  



  1. I'm one of those people once I do one room I want to do the entire house.

    Those tiles are very fancy indeed. I think it'll look great once it's retiled, :)

    1. ...I'm just like that! Haha it's so bad I just need to do one project and wait... Oh yeah they are jazzy tiles! x


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