Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blogger Christmas Shopping

Can you believe Christmas is nearly here? I know it's crazy it'll be here before we know it!  I've not really had a chance to really enjoy it yet, so when I was invited by Westfield Stratford City to go with Emma from My London to check out the Christmas festivities, of course I jumped at the chance for an excuse to go shopping. 

I'm based in the East Midlands so Leicester and Nottingham are the biggest places for me to shop, I'd never been to Westfield however I'd been told it was huge and like a shopping paradise.  I mean how big were we talking?! Emma and I had met the other week at a blogger breakfast meeting so couldn't wait to catch up and enjoy a bit of Christmas shopping!

I got the train from St Pancras station to Stratford International which took no time at all and was literally a 2 minute walk.  I spotted a queue of children waiting to see Santa and tell them the toys they wished for this Christmas, I could see I was going to feel really festive after this trip!  On entering I was baffled. It was absolutely huge!  Where devil would I even start?!

First thing on my agenda was finding a good cup of coffee before meeting Emma for a spot of shopping.  As I trotted along the smooth floors it was clear Christmas had landed at Westfield's, gorgeous decorations graced the corridors, shops were lit up with tempting goodies in their window displays, and the numerous places to eat and drink were beaming with tasty treats and delicious smells. I was very ready to indulge.

After enjoying a classic Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks, I met with Emma.  We decided we'd check out the Hidden House attraction in the shopping centre which we'd read about online.

When we got there we both looked at each other, we knew we were going to be made jump by this scary maze within the spooky house!  I won't give away too much but be prepared to be in for a fright!


We went onto to explore the shops in a quest to find Christmas leggings from Primark and check out all the other festive bits available.

After seeing the recent Victoria Secret fashion show I was dying to pop in to see what new lines they'd got in. I'd never shopped in there before as where I'm from we actually have very limited amount of shops in comparison. Emma had already confessed she was probably one of the worst people to shop with as she will always justify a purchase... and is such a bad influence. Uh-oh.  

After exploring what the shopping centre had to offer both us were in desperate need of a refuelling stop.  I'd tweeted Westfield Stratford City the day before to find out what the top place for a hot chocolate was, immediately I was tweeted back saying John Lewis was the best. I've never had food or drink at John Lewis but we both had their delicious freshly made tomato and basil soup, followed by luxury hot chocolate topped with a marshmallow mountain!

I do feel very Christmassy now and have since decorated my home, I'll be Vlogging about later so stay tuned for that.  Big thanks to Westfield for having us and Emma for a lovely festive day!



  1. Enjoy a wonderful holiday.

    1. I did thank you! Hope you did also :)


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