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Bikram yoga Leicester

There are so many new fitness trends emerging it can be really hard to keep up. I don't know about you but I will often lose track of what's the must-do exercise class of the month.  Don't get me wrong I'm a sucker for advertising and will without a doubt have to try it, but would it last and remain popular? 

Do you remember when Zumba presented itself to the fitness world?  I recall trying it and feeling more sweaty from embarrassed of my uncoordinated hip thrusts than the workout itself.  However, that being said it has remained firm on a lot of gyms fitness itinerary but more similar workouts are joining that line up.  

I had the opportunity with L&G (Legal & General) to test out some new exercises classes that were deemed 'trendy'.  I'm a bit like an old lady sometimes and like to stick to what I know, so regardless of how hard this was going to make me work, I was out of my comfort zone from the get go.  

I headed to Leicester to tryout Bikram Yoga at the Leicester Bikram Yoga Centre.  Before I detail my experience, you may or may not remember but I've tried a class here previously... and dragged my fiance to join me in a 90 minute hot yoga experience.  This post makes me slightly sad as I was so much fitter and thinner... clearly I do need to mix up my exercise rather than sitting my fat bum in the same routine.

I tested out Urban Yoga which is a 60 minute class...but this place literally has so many variations of yoga it can be a bit mind boggling!  This is what they describe the class I did as... 

As its name suggests, it is a fluid, vigorous form of movement from one posture to another. The athletic warm up is followed by dynamic sequences that ensure you are prepared for the postures ahead. The postures and poses involved are familiar yoga poses. It's the most athletic form of yoga we offer with a high cardio output.  The warm-up for each pose is both dynamic and rhythmical; this ensures that our core temperature is increased and the chance of overstretching and injury is reduced. Dynamic yoga focuses on the self enquiry within each posture to feel the yoga connection (mind, body, spirit) to really feel your way into postures examining how the body feels each class.   It's a great workout.

I went along to the very welcoming centre and trotted down the corridor with my yoga mat tucked under my arm. I could see a Bikram Yoga class was taking place in the room next to our studio and I could immediately feel the heat, I started to panic a bit because I wasn't aware this would be hot too.  It was hot. Very hot.  

I was a sweaty mess after but everyone was and each class member was ever so welcoming.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt invigorated, stretched and challenged.  I forget how much I love yoga and only wish I could do more of it where I live. I did wondered what makes each yoga classes different as essentially they're all the same, no? They are different from the equipment used to the poses required.  If you were more flexible in my class there was a head stand pose... erm maybe next week? 

I was a touch sceptical about new fitness trends but after testing this out I can only see the positive.  It's adaptations of exercises that work and therefore these push us further to challenge our bodies.  A big thumbs up from me and I'll definitely go back and try out some more yoga classes.

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