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Bloggers lunch at Peter Pizzeria

peter pizzeria Loughborough Leicester

It seems that Peter Pizzeria love us bloggers, so much that us lucky locals got invited to go sample their lunchtime menu. What a great excuse for us to have a catch up and have some tasty Peter goodies.

It can be really tough as a blogger trying to ‘make it’, so sometimes collating a group of like minded ones together can be a great move in terms of learning and developing. I previously organised a meet up for local bloggers in Peter Leicester which was a big hit, so I knew they’d love to have a catch up over the NEW lunch menu.

lunch menu peter pizzeria

Panini, panini, panini! The lunch menu is ALL about the paninis and my goodness they are tasty. We had a chat with Dom who run Peter Loughborough and he went through the various combinations they’d put together, and the names and reasons behind their naming. The names reflected their connections to their Italian roots and personal passions.

good places to eat leicester

Panini peter pizzeria

1. Pensa per me. (Think for me).

Salami with fennel, smoked mozzarella, rocket.

2. Carne manca. (Meat is missing)

Peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, rocket.

3. Gomorrah

Sausage, cooked sauce, mozzerella.

4. Super Mortadella Bros.

Mortadella, mozzerella, peppers, rocket.

5.Gorgonzola Higuain.

Gorgonzola, Parma ham, rocket.

6.San Siro.

Mozzerella, pesto, artichoke, rocket, cherry tomatoes

It’s great to see Peter offering something other than just pizza… I mean their pizzas are amazing but sometimes for lunch you don’t quite want a whole pizza! It’s so good to know you can pop in for lunch and still get something tasty. The paninis cover quite a range of flavours and textures, all made in house with their legendary dough as seen in their pizzas. I don’t know which is my favourite but the top two I’d say have to be Pensa per me (named after the owners Grandads dog and his intelligent abilities) and the San Siro. I’m feeling hungry just typing this… anyone fancy lunch?! 

Oh sorry I forgot to mention we finished with an adaptation of the ultimate Peter treat the Peterella… yep, Nutella oozing goodness was created into a panini. Makes eating the chocolate goo far easier! 

nutella peterella panini


Thanks Peter for having us again, looking forward to seeing the new menu launch. I love the local bloggers – I’ve made some really good friends from it so we’re hoping to have us meet up every so often and chat about the world of blogging! Get involved if you fancy joining us next time by leaving me a comment with your blog details.



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