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Running to the beat

I’m currently on the count down…. the count to my doom… No I fib (sort of), well its the countdown to the Nike Run to the Beat.  

I have been training, running in the rain, sweating alot, and going extremely red faced all in aid of 13.1 miles! As many know, I had a skiing accident when I was living in Val d’Isere as a chalet girl.  Usually a snowboarder decided to try my hand at skiing, what was fantastic for weeks turned suddenly sour after a french man came flying past me, cut me up, causing me to lose my balance and fall funny.  Not so funny because I snapped my ACL which, being stuck up a mountain was most certainly an extremely painful experience.  I wasn’t even ‘blood wagoned’ down the mountain, instead I shuffled down the side of the piste and ridgely held my skis in snow plough to get to the ski lift nearest to me.  If any of you ski, the ‘blood wagon’ costs about 500 Euros and as a chalet girl I wouldn’t even barely earn that the entire season.  So stubbornly I got myself down the mountain.

Luckily when I did my injury the season was starting to wind down so I waited until I could come back to the UK and get my knee fixed.  Not so great… I was on the surgery waiting list and was forgotten. Yep forgotten.  So there I was unable to exercise because of the knee pain and so I was putting on the weight…which was making me miserable.  So nearly a year after my accident I had my key hole surgery in Feb 2010, to my joy it ended up being private.

All seemed fine, so I started my physio and my very light exercise… but It just didn’t feel right. My knee ached and ached. So back and forth to hospital I went to try and establish the problem. Turned out that the pins in my knee might have been irratating my joint, so my next ACL surgery came Feb 2011.  When my surgeon went in it to sort it out, it turned out there was a bit of the metal floating in my knee (goody!) So thankfully this got fixed and sorted. I was finally knee happy! I couldn’t believe how good it felt. So slowly doing it, I started exercising again and booked my place in Nike’s Run to the beat. My biggest challenge yet considering I don’t do running…but I felt I needed a goal to motivate me. I power walked to start with, gradually jogging, then onto running.  Not just running, running further than I ever had before. I couldn’t believe I could do it.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had off days with tantrums about going out in the rain or running after work when I’d rather curl up on the sofa but I’ve managed it.  Even if the run takes me longer than I expected, I know I’ve achieved so much even entering. The idea of running Nike’s run to the beat has given drive… i’ve lost weight (which is great!), i’ve got more confidence about my body and I’m not constantly frightened of damaging my knee which was something I felt restricted by. 

So Sunday is my judgement day. Staying at a nearby hotel in London I’ll no doubt be unable to sleep but I’ll be equally excited about it all. I know i’m going to sound like a major sob story but If I can run this after two major knee surgeries I know whatever I set my goals to I can achieve. 

Good luck everyone who is running :o)  (or anyone thinking of starting running)


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  1. October 2, 2017 / 10:27 am

    You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views…hope more people will read this article!!!

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