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Kick start Next year

Like many I over indulge at Christmas, I eat and eat and drink and drink.  It gets to the point where I tend to stop calorie counting because I know I’m certainly going to be in thousands on the terrible calorie count.  Christmas dinner alone (not including your beverages/puds) is a whopping 4000 calories… 4000!! I may starve myself over boxing day up until the New Year, as that is certainly a scary thought! So diet and fitness is certainly on most peoples minds when approaching the new year…

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, because it creates hype with it and if you can’t stick to such a tight schedule you can truly fall off the wagon.  As I always say to myself ‘softly sofly catchy monkey’.  So even though I don’t eat or exercise badly I feel since the colder months I don’t do as much as I should/could do.  Therefore my pre-new years resolution begins now!
Once upon a time I used to hate my figure (I’m still not particulary fond!)  I had a browse the other night how I used to be before I started exercising properly, I was much bigger in my face and my clothes.  I felt unconfident and self conscious about how I looked.  Meaning that even going to gym classes was tough.  I didn’t like the idea of having people look at me think “Oh my word hasn’t she let herself go!” or “She shouldn’t be wearing that!”.  All these thoughts race through your mind.  I did get to a point where I thought ‘sod it’ and thought that it didn’t matter as at least I was there doing something about it.  However, in the beginning until I got a bit more confidence I exercised at home using DVD’s.  One of the ones I found the best was Davina McCall’s fitness workouts.  Her sheer normality in her workouts was truly infectious along with her whole attitude.  The people in her videos all looked ‘normal’  none of this fully made up celebrity garbage that are constantly in the sale bins, but you actually got a fantastic work out with real people.  Davina is someone I always think of when I think of exercising at home but come Spring 2012, Next have partnered up with the lovely lady to provide a fab clothing range for the ultimate work-out and of course post work-out.  With this new range of clothing, it caters to anything from aerobics to running and power-lifting to pilates workouts.  Also it comes in all kinds of shapes and provides a variety of styles and colours! So, this entire range works for those who exercise at home and those who prefer to venture out! I personally like to look good when I’m exercising, some may disagree but I feel better in myself when I look good.

White burnout vest £18/€24
Pink gradient print cropped top £25/€33
Pink side stripe capri pants £28/€37
White sports trainer £45/€58

Pink racer back vest £28/€37
Technical joggers £32/€42
White sports trainers £45/€58

Davina says: “My approach was to concentrate on what I would wear, thinking very carefully about the details that matter to me, like a place for an MP3 player, or reflective strips on the bottoms – essential when you’re jogging in the early morning or at dusk. And I’ve ensured the workout tops are extremely solid and secure so your boobs won’t be bobbing around while you’re working out!”

Alongside the exciting colourful collection, Davina has developed a line of stylish everyday shoes using Next’s F.I.T technology. There are so many cute shoes!!  Personally the pair below I’d wear on my trot to my yoga class but because of how they’ve been made they’ll be better for joints. These shoes are engineered to increase calf and hamstring activation by up to 12% while canvas pumps carry the promise of decreased heel impact. And Davina’s trainers will exert 25% less pressure on the ball of the foot.

Spot corsage ballerinas £32/€41

White sports trainers £45/€58

I love the citysmart flats, they are engineered to increase calf and hamstring activation by up to 12% while canvas pumps carry the promise of decreased heel impact. And Davina’s ultra-feminine trainers will exert 25% less pressure on the ball of the foot.

I love this range.  Like many of you in fashion who like exercise looking good and feel good is a top priority.  Sometimes so gym gear can be very fuction over fashion, whilst this is the more practical approach a bit of balance is key.  
I adore this combo for a pilates or yoga session.  It screams relaxation, whilst being practical and very fashionable.  Perfect!  I want to try it out for my new yoga class on a Monday…

Pink stripe slub vest £18/€24
Charcoal cuffed jogger £25/€33
Grey ankle strap ballerina £28/€36

Like many I have peaks and troughs with exercise.  I started running after I’d recovered from my 2nd ACL knee operation earlier this year, but like many the cold months and stodgy winter food… I’ve lost my motivation! I certainly think I’d like to wear the outfit above for a pilates or yoga class and I would like as my pre-new years resolution to do a bit more variety in exercise.  Maybe more core stability training to give my exercise a bit more variety.  

I love the new Davina range for Next and at reasonable prices, for all shapes, for all sports and fuctions it really is worth a look! What do you think of the range? 


Davina For Next promises to shake up what any woman wears before, during and after her workout. Her comfort and style are assured as she gets into great shape!




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