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Hello 2012

I’ve finally sat down.  After new years eve taking over my entire weekend (hangover included!) today I’ve spent my time mainly cleaning and being away with my thoughts.  I’ve mainly been thinking about how I’m going to plan out my year ahead of me, and what I intend to do differently.  I know loads of people promise themselves they’ll hit the gym, or cut oout booze/chocolate, but this year I’ve actually had the longest list ever. 

Like many I do get SAD syndrome this time of year, especially after the the hype of Christmas & New year It can often leave many of us feeling blue.  With that in mind I’ve got a wall chart in my spare room of the entire year with fun activities now written on it. I think the key with me and for many is to keep putting things in your life to look forward to.  

  • Me and the boy have decided to have one big holiday this year
  • I’ve got two half marathons.  One in March & one in October
  • My sisters wedding
  • My sisters hen do
  • My friend Lauren’s wedding
  • My friend Lauren’s hen do 
  • A weekend in europe
  • Music festivals/gigs

So as you can see, I’ve got a good little list to start with and hopefully will have plenty more to add. 

It’s been a funny year,  I’ve lost some very close family members unfotunately and even though it shouldn’t it makes you really think about life.  The fact you should appreciate and be thankful for what you have, I certainly feel like this. I want to make sure I spend plenty of time with my family and friends and fill my days with good people 🙂 

Mum, me and my sister
with our little smelly friend

 As previously mentioned in one of my other posts I suffer quite badly from panic and anxiety attacks.  Now this year just past, I’ve started on a positive move to calming them down… trust me it’s been hard as I’ve suffered since 2005, especially its hard to stay up beat when they really get me down.  So this year I continue on calming these attacks – I may never get rid of them truly but at least I will be better off.
Next on my list…One thing that is normally the top of many peoples new years resolution list, is some sort of diet or weight loss.  I know from previous experience is that totally doesn’t work for me, if I know I’m not allowed something it’ll make me want it all the more.  So, I have a healthy diet with the odd bit of what I fancy… with the added exercise.  I’ll be first to admit during the festive season I have fallen off the health wagon, I’ve drank and eaten far far too much!  It’s not to worry as its the new year and a very new start. With the new start I’ve promised myself I want to cook from scratch more, and also eat more veggie meals. I’ve got two half marathons so I certainly need to run more…so it really is lets go!  

So goodbye 2011…. 

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Hello 2012!

Whats your new years resolutions? 




  1. January 2, 2012 / 10:28 pm

    Awww what fab pictures from 2011. Let's hope 2012 is fabulous for all of us xx

  2. January 2, 2012 / 10:34 pm

    I just read your post… that box your necklace came in was in was adorable! You are one lucky lady! Definetely… 2012 the year for being happy and positive 🙂 xx

  3. January 3, 2012 / 10:20 am

    Happy new year! Your year ahead sounds fun – it's always good to make lists of things to look forward to, especially at this time of year! I will definitely be doing the same.

    Hope your panic attacks ease off too. I used to suffer from them when I was about 13 and still get them when I am ill with the flu so I know how horrible they can be. Good luck with the weight loss regime too – everything in moderation is my rule! x

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