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Ipad Fashion

I was against it to start with, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy into the hype…but alas I’ve given in,  I’ve bought an Ipad 2!  I like the idea that I can literally blog on the go, do anything I need to on the go, plus it’s small and fits into my handbag (that’s my justification of my purchase and I’m sticking to it!) 

So, Yes an Ipad 2 in my clumsy hands! First things first, how to protect it.  If any of you could see my ‘party’ digital camera you’d never let me near anything, as there is tape holding most bits together (I blame other people and alcohol…of course!). Anyway I’ve been browsing the net to find something for my new best friend to look good in. I know I want something of good quality to protect such an item.  It’s the same way a lot of people feel about investing in a designer handbag, If you’re going to have something on your arm everyday, surely it’s better to invest and be happy than buy something for the sake of it? With that in mind I’ve been looking for something for my new gadget to look sleek and fashionable in!

First case I came across was the simple but still statement Mulberry Simple Ipad Sleeve. This gorgeous unbulky sleeve can be found at John Lewis for £150.00

If you prefer the easy access ipad covers then check out the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Newbury Leather IPad Case, Black. It opens out like a book so that it can protect the screen and the main Ipad.  This is from John Lewis at £125.00

Being a girl I love a bit of colour so having a case well made and a splash of feminine charm is ideal. I really love this Tassel Croc case from Mary Portas & Radley.  The only issue is its just a basic case, it’s not protecting your Ipad once you get it out.  However, If you are less clumsy than me then it’s perfect! This can be found at House of Fraser for £69.00

This is just beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs Havana Case, the extreme colours on this case certainly stand out making it bold and totally a statement in its own. However, it is only a basic case like the Radley one… but this one really does stand out!  It’s available from Selfridges at £60.00

This one is my personal favourite.  It’s a fantastic colour for starters and of course protects it all over.  This Adjustable Ipad Case by Mulberry in a grass green colour.  It’s from Selfridges at £295.00

If I’m scaring you with all the colours you can always stick to simple black.  This is just a ipad sleeve, but it still is quite spectacular.  This Yves Saint Laurent – Belle De Jour iPad case is utterly devine and of course the price reflects this at £255.00

Last but not least is digi iPad bag from KIPLING.  Perfect for our blogging meets and the quick trip to the local coffee shop (mainly to pinch the free wifi!), but maybe not so ideal for everyday use.  This is a lot cheaper than the others seen before as its £40.00

There you have it, some of the perfect gadget companions out there at the moment.  My Ipad is currently still hiding in its box waiting for me to protect it with something! What the devil to pick?! 

Anyone else had Santa bring them a gadget to find a fashionable case for?




  1. January 4, 2012 / 8:56 pm

    The Ralph Lauren one looks fab, easy to use and classic ! Enjoy your iPad !

  2. January 4, 2012 / 9:31 pm

    I know I love it! Totally spoilt for choice! x

  3. January 6, 2012 / 10:53 pm

    Oh, I'm totally jealous that you have an iPad – those things rock!! I love the green Mulberry one too, but could never afford it, so I'd choose the Marc Jacobs case…so fun!

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