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I’ve decided to stop being such a wet lettuce & man-up.  I have been a bit over sensitive & emotionals over the last few months after losing two loved ones in my family – which many will agree affects us all in different ways.  Me it makes me the stereotypical ‘heart on your sleeve’ girl. Last year I had a lot of friend problems too, and have had to find my feet again after moving back to my home town. It’s been bloody stressful as I’ve not really known anyone & have just wanted to start creating that new friendship circle I’ve been craving.  That’s part of the reason I got into blogging, I love chin wagging to some of you on twitter, or via email.  I’m pretty sure a few of you find me tres annoying but understand its not on purpose I’ve just been through a lot.  So with this all in mind, I’ve decided to start planning adventures. Two of my blogging buddies are off on adventures of their own which kicked me into gear. 

I’m a water baby at heart and I love to surf.  I’ve not been too daring with surfing as I’m totally petrified by sharks (I think I was scared as a child when I watched Jaws!) not the most ideal fear with this sport!  I have surfed in the Uk (various spots), Australia, France and the Canaries. When I buggered my knee skiing in Val d’Isere I swore I’d never do any of these sports again, for fear of damaging it further.  Nearly a year since my last operation and I’ve ran a half marathon, a 5k, and a 10k…. this year I have another two half marathons to tackle, but if you had asked me when I did my knee in, if I’d ever run – I’d of laughed at you.  With this all in mind I’ve decided this summer I’m going to surf again.  Ideally either in Biarritz or Hossegor and I can’t bloomin’ wait!

 A nice combo of  photos from various surf places I’ve been.  If you haven’t tried surfing I honestly think you should give it a go.  Often in the fantastic Cooler Magazine or Surfgirl Magazine have dates of various surf days in the UK,  I went to one hosted by Ripcurl a few years ago. It’s a great wait to meet like minded folk and obviously learn to surf. 

Being out in the open and being active is the best way to make your life happier, trust me It’s all I dream about during my office hours of a 9-5.  With this all in mind, I’m going to share some amazing wetsuits (ideal for our chilly UK shores) and also some hot new bikinis for those of you who are off to more exotic seas. 

Roxy Syncro 5/4/3mm Back Zip Wetsuit – Black/Blue – £139.99

Billabong Synergy 5/3mm Chest Zip LS Steamer Wetsuit – Ash/Passion Pop/Ash – £138.99

So onto bikinis.  With all this running and fitness I’m doing I’m hoping this years beach holiday I’ll look less like shamu in my swimwear! Now, I do realise that this swimwear is nothing you’d be able to surf in but once you’ve hit the waves you’ll need something to sunbathe in!  

Protest Wyton Bikini – True Black – £34.99

Fat Face Floral Print 50’s Bikini – Top is £19.99 & Bottoms £14.99

Baku La Lola B/C Balconette Bikini Top – £69.99

Bananamoon Shanon Zanto Bikini Top – £35.99 & bottoms – £28.99

Ginja Safari Padded Bikini Top – £54.99 & Bottoms – £48.99

Roxy Monica Dots Bali Halter Rb Bikini Top – Gemini Green – £27.99 & Bottoms – £24.99

Baku Valentina 50’S Frill Bikini Top – Multi – £63.99 & Bottoms – £60.99


I know it’s quite chilly outside, and the days are filled with clouds, but seriously how cute are these bikinis?!  All from the fantastic Surfdome website, where there is plenty more to tempt you.  I love the fun prints and very cute girlie styles however, if surfing I’d probably go for the classic Roxy bikini. These do tend to be designed to hold you in if you fancy a play on the waves!

Anyone else off on adventures this year?




  1. January 23, 2012 / 7:28 am

    I know, with all this bad weather I've been craving the beach!

  2. January 23, 2012 / 6:00 pm

    WOOHOO – you go girl!!! I'm totally jealous that you can surf – so glad you're getting out there and doing something you love again x

  3. January 24, 2012 / 10:48 am

    Haha I'm by no means fantastic! I haven't surfed in ages though, so we'll see how I get on! x

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