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Top Fashion Websites: Thrifty Shopping

Keeping up with fashion in this day and age is hard.  Unlike
celebrities, those in high paying jobs or people with significant money and
time on their hands, we can’t always be buying new clothing items every
day.  I, myself do find there is a mental battle each time I walk into a
high street shop, “I need this”  or “I want this”
comes to mind but often enough, it’s too expensive or I can’t really justify it,
as I’ve just forked out for something else that took higher priority. 
Some people often go the other end of the scale and spend the money even though
they don’t have it, so they get themselves into debt.  Personally that
stress of being in debt is justification enough so I do try to bargain
buy. We aren’t all students with loans and a lot of us are in full time
jobs that don’t pay as much as we’d like.

“Never spend your
money before you have earned it”

My boyfriend and I have been together coming up to 5 years
now, we are ‘trying’ to save to buy a house, but getting on the property
ladder is so hard.  Wages aren’t what they used to be and house prices
are really dear, so gathering that all important deposit is very
testing.  There needs to be cut backs, but if I cut back too much I feel
that life can be a bit dry – I want to save but I still want to live. 
Cutting down on how much I spend and getting bargains is my daily aim. 
Fashion and being thrifty seems to be the best option.  It can be depressing and get you down but there are ways around it, and
the key ingredient to feeling better is being thrifty.  Yes thrifty… aka the bargain hunter.  

Do you not love that feeling you get when you’ve found a fabulous bargain?
Let me paint the picture for you… You’ve been hunting for weeks for that
dress for a gala dinner, the one you want is £65.00 and a bit much in your
price range, but oh my word its now in the sale for £30.00 and oh goodness it’s
in your size… You grab the dress to purchase and head to the check, only to realise
it’s gone down to £15.00.  The world
suddenly glows!  That is the feeling I’m
meaning and I’m going to list a few websites of where I find my money saving bargain buys.

Below (in no particular order) are a broad mix of different kinds of bargain websites… I hope you find them just as useful as I have! 



Gumtree –  I thought gumtree only did furniture? No, there is so much more.  I’ve found designer bags and all sorts of bits on gumtree.  The reason its at number 10 is because you have to dig to find the fashion items. 



Tkmaxx  – Tkmaxx as a shop is spectacular.  I often go in to my
local store the day after a delivery and hunt for items.  I’ve had many
All Saints dresses, Chloe sunglasses and recently a beautiful Karen
Millen dress – all for a fraction of the price.  However, I’ve come to
learn their website is great!  I’ve got hold of items such as jewellery
that aren’t always in their stores for a baragain. 



Big Wardrobe

Big Wardrobe – I can’t recall how I stumbled across this website, but I have used it quite a few times.  You can basically buy, sell and swap clothes.  They feature their newest items on the website, and more importantly its easy to navigate your way around.  The only frustrating thing I found was that if you were selling clothes, you’d still get messages off people only wanting to swap.  Which as you can imagine was a waste of time, so I’d reccommend it mainly for those who were up for swapping clothes.   


Secret Sales

Secret Sales
– is one of my guilty pleasures.  Like many sales though, sometimes
you’ll get loads and other times there will be nothing that takes your
interest.  You get a broad range of high quality items, not just fashion some fantastic kitchen and home bits, then there is sports clothings and of course plenty boutique and well known fashion brands.



LoveFashionSales – A similar theme to Secret Sales, LoveFashionSales does have quite a lot of highstreet brands like Dorothy Perkins etc on its sale lists.  It tends to be cheaper brands, but if you’re after some simple items I’d definitely reccommend it.



Quidco –  This is a great cashback website.  I have found this be my jusification if  I’m online shopping.  Simply log in, type in the website you are look to shop on, click get cashback and the website logs that you’ve shopped on the website.  From there you gain a certain amount of cashback! Even more clever, is that I registered my bank cards to the site and certain shops allow you to get cash back in store.  I bought a beautiful satchel from Halfords for my bicycle and I got an email saying I’d earnt £3.00 cashback!  Its a great idea if you decide you want to save a bit of money too!


Fashion Sales

Fashion Sales –  This website is great, if you’re on the hunt for website based sales.  They give you a run down of everything that’s currently having a sale and what percentage discount is offered.  You can enter your email to find out when stores have a new sale going on.  If you’re a bargain hunter – its worth it. 


Fashion Vouchers

 Fashion Vouchers
 Everyone loves a bargain, and I especially love it if I’m about to buy something and find a cheeky 20% off voucher code from a friend…. fashion vouchers is like a constant fashion friend, they have a variety of up to date discount codes ready to help cut your shopping costs down.  Best thing I’ve discovered, as before I’d hunt the internet for hours trying to locate codes in the hope I’d get some discount. 


The Outlet

The Outnet –  If you’re not a highstreet fashion follower and the only way is the runway, then The Outnet is for you.  Only online, this designer outlet is fabulous to grab a designer bargain. Personally, I’d still consider this a treat purchase website, but if you have the wedding of the year to attend then I’d reccommend having a browse…. it’d be rude not to! :o)



eBay –  eBay is one of those marmite websites.  You either love it or
you hate it.  I can see it from both sides, for example the frustration
of bidding, then being out bid by a few pence at the last second.  On the
flip side you can get an utter bargain
because people haven’t thought to bid!
Ebay has come on over the years and I personally find it, not just a great
way to find bargains but a fabulous way to be cleansing.  I often lose
interest in some clothes and find by selling them on ebay, I almost
justify buying more!  Win – Win!  A little tip -look out for new ebayers who perhaps haven’t described items in the title much, I’ve previously clicked on the cream looking handbag only to discover it was a Vivienne Westwood.  The person hadn’t broadcasted it like they should in the title, but the description was on the nose! I got it for a bargain of £50.00 – brand new!

I’ve never spent the earth for fashion, I don’t believe you have to.  If you see something that a top designer has created, chances are the high street will produce a similar version… so try to hold off if you can. You CAN do it without breaking the bank, just do your research first and, find a code or voucher from one of the sites I’ve mentioned.  If I can do it – you can certainly do it!

I have a few more helpful hints and tips that I’ve developed over my years.

  • Swap shop – Hold a clothes swap party with friends – get your friends over for a girls night in, bring a bag of clothes each of stuff you don’t want anymore and swap! That simple 
  • Charity shops –  are one of the best places to find a great bargain.  You can honestly pick up so fabulous fashion pieces.  I know its not fashion but I will never forget how I got a nearly new Laura Ashley cream sofa for £100.00 – utter bargain! 
  • Car boot sales – perfect to grab some bargains.  A fab way to save money!
  • Points mean prizes – my boyfriend laughs at how many cards i have crammed in my purse but I’ve collected points, and got discounts at many stores because of it! If you’re a student you get that fab 10% off. 
  • Learn to be creative –  Want to be unique, adapt your clothes yourself!  When my Grandma passed away last year, I promised myself I’d learn to sew properly.  I’ve booked myself on a class, with the hope I’ll feel comfortable with a sewing machine and can adapt my current clothing – better yet creat my own from patterns. You can get material off your local market very cheap too, so you won’t break the bank.

The list is endless but you can do it, keep thinking thrifty! 

If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to help, so get in touch




  1. August 1, 2012 / 5:48 pm

    Love your blog! I just started blogging like 2 days ago and I hope when you have the time you can come visit! Thanks! I'm totz going to follow and come back when your next post is published :).

  2. August 1, 2012 / 8:27 pm

    Aww thanks or stopping by Nicole. I hope you found the post helpful 🙂 xx

  3. August 1, 2012 / 9:05 pm

    This was amazing! I could not agree anymore with everything youve said! A great post 🙂 xxxx

  4. August 2, 2012 / 6:03 pm

    Thanks Kirsty 🙂 I hope it helps xx

  5. August 2, 2012 / 7:59 pm

    Hi Ashlee, thanks for popping by! Haha I love to be thrifty with fashion… or at least try to be! I will certainly drop by :o) x

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