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Superhero Night

We spend most of our lives rushing about like headless chickens, cramming something into every second of every day just so we don’t miss out.   We often don’t take the time just to do nothing…

My boyfriend and I work opposite end of the scale jobs, him a chef, me in events management.  Our paths cross and we rarely get a good amount of time together, only small snippets when we can sneak in a 15 minute catch up.  When we do get time off together, we often do exactly what I’ve just described, where we plan something for every second we’re in each others company.  I found that previously that has completely wiped me out and often I feel horrendously drained.  

We decided a couple of weeks ago to embrace each others company in what we called “Superhero Night”  an evening filled with Marvel comic inspired films, and classic American style food to honour it.

We even (sort of) decorated the flat!

We went for classic American beer, and of course (my all time favourite) Hersey’s Kisses chocolate.

It wouldn’t be a classic superhero night without a classic American meal…. aka burgers!  We decided instead of french fries we’d opt for sweet potato chips.  They add a lot of extra flavour and aren’t as bad for you as regular potato chips.

Home made burger meat patties, organic soft burger buns, fresh market bought salad items, and of course out Rolling Rock beer!

We both indulged that evening, we didn’t dress to impress we were just ourselves and comfortable with it.  I’m by no stretch saying you should ever bypass making an effort with your partner, (that is really important to keeping the spark alive) but sometimes you have to be thankful you can literally be yourself and enjoy something so simple together.  

My boyfriend have been together for a quite a while now, and both have sort of grown as adults together.  We got together when I was 22 and I’m now 27, those years we have both grown up.  Early twenties when we first met we didn’t look after our bodies, went out drinking loads, and just bobbed along.  Sometimes when I look back I don’t recognise who we used to be.  We now are both fit and healthy (other than superhero night – gotta have a treat sometimes!) and instead of constant binge drinking splurges, we love a drink now and again. 

As you can see, I was in simple black leggings and my oversized Tea & Cake ACDC tee.  I have no make up on either!  What a splendid look – but my gosh was I comfy and ready for an evening curled up on the sofa!  

Do you sometimes plan nights like this with your loved one?



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