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London Fashion Week: SS13 Day 2

from the mighty midlands to London Fashion Week on Friday evening, after
a hard day’s work, was tough.  I’d packed the world in my suitcase because
the weather had been so hit and miss, I hadn’t a clue what to dress myself
in.  I never know what to wear at the best of times, but not having my
extensive wardrobe on tap, was always going to be a tricky job.  None the
less, I bundled in what I deemed appropriate for such an event and on the train
I went. I was staying with a family member in East Finchley and had every
intention of trotting back in early to enjoy some of the shows of Fashion Week.

The next morning, I got myself ready…

I hurried over to Somerset House to pick up my accreditation, and a much needed
cup of coffee before heading into my first show of the day.  I was
extremely excited as I’d be kicking the day off with the Daks show at 9am. I
was extremely eager after hearing and seeing immense coverage of their previous

regards to Daks, I knew I’d be expecting items that clearly stayed within an
acceptable boundary, but at the same time embraced the pulse of being
unique.  By this I mean, the cuts of items were quite angular, some items over-sized and created what felt like an origami inspiration.  For Daks
SS13 collection there were effortless looks that to me for the first time (with
any designer) in a while, I could honestly see myself wearing something from
the range.  There were all kinds of ideas hitting the run way from silky
jumpsuits, leather shorts, checkered trench coats, embellished camisoles,
effortless layers, and all of these came in array of neutral tones giving the
entire collection this overwhelming feeling of weightlessness.  The
designer Sheila McKain-Waid had truly captured a contemporary yet
sophisticated  vibe to the collection, with it’s minimal feminine charm,
and a sleek contemporary edge.  

This was by far one of my preferred shows of London Fashion Week – Daks is well
known for being classic with its designs, and even though this collection was
just that, it also incorporated a lot of enthusiasm making it a superb
collection for SS13.



starting off the day on such a high, I was straight off to Toni&Guy to get my hair styled in their complimentary blow dry
bar.  As you can see from the photo whilst at Daks, my hair looked an
absolute state!  I was looked after by a team of Toni&Guy hair
dressers from Preston.  I wanted my hair to be big, as before (you can see
below) was flat a pancake.  I’d purposely not styled it because I knew it
would be fixed by a bundle of talented people. 


Once the
hair was sorted it was onto the Inspired by Minnie Mouse collection.  A
collection of items I had previously written about, but was finally seeing them
in the flesh.  As mentioned in that post I have always been a Disney fan,
and even now I still enjoy drawing the characters.  I find the entire
concept of Disney so inspirational, it was only a matter of time before their
female icon emerged with her equally iconic style as the core inspiration for
today’s hot designers.  That’s right, Minnie Mouse was to be the
inspiration behind the collection for them all.

We all
know I love polka dots, so I was truly in my element. However, many didn’t
follow the cliché road to their designs, many adapted it but you could without
a doubt see Minnie behind it. 

Delectable Minnie Mouse Dress – Giles Deacon

Shimmer in The Sun – By Michael Van Der Ham

Minnie Mouse Ears Dress – Richard Nicoll

were so many people buzzing about how spectacular each creative piece was. 
I was astounded by how great it was to see the personality that each designer
had capture through their creation.  I can honestly say I found each piece
to be loveable for many reasons, each one captured the personality of Minnie we
all know and love. 

taking a browse at the Disney collection, I had to stop Disney fashion
presenter Electra Formosa, as I was mesmerized by her hair style.  She was
embracing her bow hair do, in true Minnie Mouse style.  After having a
lovely chat, I quizzed her on how to recreate such a fabulous look.  I’ll
admit it does look complicated but I’m going to give it a try this weekend, so
watch this space! 

I even
met the lovely lady herself.  I’ll admit the 5 year old inside me, was
doing back flips at this point.  Disney
is one of those things that you keep in your heart for life. All of the items I
saw at the exhibition today are being auctioned off for charity on ebay. 
I know you’re intrigued so have a nosy here.

the gazing at such stunning creations, we were all indulging in Minnie Mouse canapés
– but ones for those with a sweet tooth!  Luckily I can’t say no to a
cupcake at the best of times so I certainly wasn’t going to object!
Unfortunately the time with the Mouse had to end but how kind it was of the
organisers to give those who attended a goodie bag complete with a plush toy of
Minnie herself and a t-shirt.

The rest
of the day ran away with me, as I bumped into Sarah from Fashion Dotty
and later on, Sophie from La Fashion Folie 

I firstly
stopped by the great team at Handpicked Media at One Aldywch Hotel.  I was
wanting to say hello but also to see the Ugg Collection they had on
display.  To be honest I had clearly been narrow minded when it came to
such a collection, as when I’d think of Uggs I’d only think of the classic
boot… I was very wrong.  All I saw from the collection was well made
various styles of boots and shoes.  I was a very lucky girl as I was given
a pair in my size, that have been attached to my feet since I got them. 

After I’d
been pampered with my nails, back rub (and now given Uggs) I was set for the
rest of the day.  I went off to watch Spijkers En Spijkers show at the
Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue.  

two sisters had done it again with flying colours!  They had created a
collections which oozed a sure theme with a firm 1920’s feel. A lot of bold,
sharp colours emerged, with geometric lines and shapes, in a series of silk
dresses.  The dresses were gorgeous, combined with their elegant cuts,
effortless hair and makeup, you could really envision yourself wearing such
items.  Even though the majority of looks were initially with dresses, the
twins broke up the collection with a more masculine tone, by producing a model
on the catwalk with short hair wearing deep coloured suits but still with a
delicate theme. 

For me
this collection was quite simple in the terms of specific style and cut, but
the prints and combinations of actual outfits really did all the

Next it
was off to the Melissa Diamantidi show.  A designer I didn’t know too much
about but immediately liked what I saw.  A range of items that were
feminine inspired but had sharp edges in quite angular shapes.  Many were
A-lined, but they simplicity would be broken up by cut out sides or over sized
skirts.  The designer had decided to keep
it still quite delicate with a lot of outfits, by adding chiffon. The makeup of
models were very straightforward, and the hair was simply in a lose knot at the
side around the back.  

final show of the day was by Ashley Isham.  A combination of outfits that
seem to be aimed towards those in the upper crust of society social scene. The
venue screamed this all the more with the elaborate furnishings, it all went
hand in hand with lace, floral prints, silky fabrics, pearls and anything that
stereotypical was female. One or two of the outfits came with the handbag sized
puppy.  You certainly can’t get more high society than that! 


The items
were realistic, the hair styles were do able.  It was a collection you
could see anyone wearing.  A rare thing to be able to produce at London
Fashion Week.  

plenty of nattering, myself Sarah & Sophie decided it was best to finally
stop and each so caught up on gossip before turning in for the night.  We
all felt very rock n’ roll but the day had wiped us out.   It was a delicious din dins, then off to bed ready for the next day of fashion. 




  1. September 21, 2012 / 10:40 pm

    That Giles Deacon dress is SO amazing, and I LOVE it. Also – how lucky are you getting free Uggs!? Lol. Totally jealous, but you seem to have had a great time, and I can't wait to see your Minnie Mouse do 😉

  2. September 22, 2012 / 3:38 pm

    Honestly I wanted them all. Haha I know that's my task this evening! Xx

  3. September 22, 2012 / 6:14 pm

    looks like you had an amazing time! Your leggings are absolutely stunning and very chic- I could see myself wearing them.. lol 🙂 I am very jealous of you though, I would have loved to have gone to fashion week! hopefully, I'll get to go next year. How did you go about getting accredition and show invites? I'd love some advice! The Daks show looks to have been very enjoyable. I am very into clean and classic cuts so it seems to have been right up my street! And I know what you mean about meeting Minnie – I went to Disneyland in Florida last year and wish I had been there when I was younger to buy all the princess costumes 🙂 Also, you hair looks gorgeous and really suits you like that. Thanks for sharing your experience with us <3

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