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Next Beauty Press Event

Tucked in amongst my frantic week was a pit stop at a plush hotel in London to
see the lovely people from Next.  I had been working all day in the
office, but vanished as soon as I could to head back down to London.  I
was looking forward to the Next Beauty event as their products are
always high quality but very cost effective.  

I previously tried out their eyeshadow packs with the one in the picture above, when I showed you how to give yourself a smokey eye
.  The Next eyeshadows are
a bargain of being only £4.00 and as an added bonus, they also give you tips
printed on the item about how to create a look. 
When I left the Next Beauty event I was given a goody bag and inside was an eyeshadow pack with four different autumnal tones.  I will be doing another video soon to show you how to create the perfect Autumn look….so watch out for that!

As you can see there are plenty of colours available to give you any look you want to create,  I particularly love these ones above because they’re ideal for the upcoming festive party season!

As I have mentioned many times to you all, I’m very lazy when it comes to hair and make up… Sorry scrap that, I used to be very lazy when it came to hair and make
up, so I now always try to make an effort but sometimes find it hard to
know what to do.  I love the fact inside the Next products some give you
hints and tips to how to use them to benefit most.

At the event there were canapés, drinks, and beauty treatments to indulge in.
 I had my eyebrows threaded whilst I was there, something I have never
had a go at but was intrigued by as my sister had recently had hers
done.  Somehow the idea completely scared me as all I could think of
was, how can they possibly see where the hairs are? and surely this will hurt?! None the less I stood up from the
treatment and voila my eyebrows were perfect and it was all pretty much pain free!

After finally feeling human again from my traveling, I decided to browse what Next had on display and as I glanced I could see tables full of beautiful products.  I was eyeing them up mentally checking off who would get what for Christmas, but one of my biggest surprises was their The Collection perfume range. 

In my
teens I previously used Next’s Just Pink perfume, (which is a very fruity, light perfume and ideal as a trusty option) but like most I rebelled and eventually went for
branded named ones.  Whilst at the event I decided to remind myself of the fragrance and realised what an absolute bargain such a perfume was.  That’s the first item down on my Christmas present list!

Just Pink Eau De Toilette 75ml – £10.00

With branded perfumes being so high with
prices it does make you feel reluctant to spend so much money, or maybe I
have got more stingy with my old age! With this in mind when I saw the
Next perfumes and their prices I almost didn’t believe it.  They were so cheap but the smells don’t reflect that even a little bit! The perfumes
are a variety of different aromas which is great
as they suit different situations, I personally spritz myself with a fragrance everyday and then have a special ‘going-out’ smelling one. For the prices of the Next perfumes you could have a perfume for every occassion; Christmas, shopping, going out….even dog walking?! Well you might do!

The Collection range is superb in price and in smells – you truly can’t beat it.  The one I use already is called New York, mainly because it’s light and can work for anything.  I have listed the four different fragrances below and have used text to describe each one from Next.


 A fresh floral composition with citrus bursts, evolving to a powdery
musky base. An eclectic aroma evoking a sense of individuality and



A vibrant fruity fragrance with a floral heart and a lingering woody
base. Confident yet feminine this scent conveys a stylish and
fashionable edge.

New York

A radiant, white floral fragrance with elegant jasmine and sun-kissed
orange blossom. In spiring and cosmopolitan, this blend captivates and
engages the senses.


A sensual fragrance enveloping a floral bouquet of jasmine and orchid
with warm amber tones. A fragrance that captures an irresistible
decadence and evokes Parisienne chic.

I don’t know if it’s an age thing but I love nothing more than scented candles, I often use them whilst doing yoga and have them along my coffee table to help me relax into positions.  I know that does sound slightly hippy but it truly calms me down, especially after a hard days work!
I really love the fact you can purchase candles that smell like the fragrances from The Collection.…again these are cheap too, but don’t smell it and they definitely don’t look it.  

After visiting the Next Beauty Press event all I can say is…”Hello thrifty Christmas shopping!”




  1. October 23, 2012 / 6:47 pm

    Thank you for this review. We are almost brainwashed these days to think that if the price is low it wont be very good. I love the way you have described the Next products and I am going to try the one called London. I have lots of friends to buy for and I have now found some ideal xmas gifts

  2. October 23, 2012 / 8:02 pm

    Hi Susann, firstly welcome! Secondly – I was stunned by the prices, pop into your local Next store and smell them. They're really cheap and look amazing. I swear by them now xx

  3. October 26, 2012 / 10:02 am

    It was! Thank you very much for the link x

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