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Shaken, not stirred

The months are creeping past us, the clocks have finally gone back, there is a chill in the air and the days are vanishing quickly.  I’ve made it well known to all, I just can’t somehow grasp the energy to go out every weekend if after I leave the house my hair and make up is suddenly ruined by terrible weather conditions.  It’s not my cup of tea. If I was in my early twenties I would of laughed at my last sentence and got myself out there, but the age of 28 and it’s just not on the cards. 

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of

James Bond, so with the new Skyfall film coming out I decided to organise a games night!  I love having friends over for wine and nibbles, to catch up on the latest gossip and to just enjoy relaxing in each others company…  but this time I decided for my boyfriend and I to have a night in. We rarely get much time together due to our working hours so thought it’d be great for us to have a James Bond themed evening.  

Sometimes you forget how to just have a giggle and things somehow become stuck in a rut.  I thought it’d be great to spice up our evening in with plenty of fun and indulge in a 007 theme.  With this in mind on went Casino Royale, out came the poker….and the cocktails and mocktails.  My boyfriend is taking part in stopoctober and has given up alcohol for the month, so we decided to create some alcohol free cocktails. I tried a few alcoholic ones too from my cocktail book.  I tried a martini, strawberry daquiri, and of course a cosmopolitan…. it was going to be a fun evening in!

I can’t play card games or poker at all….. I’m 28 and I can’t play card games or poker yes I did say it.  So, I called upon the talents of my boyfriend who taught me how to play Blackjack, Rummy and Poker.  I’m not fantastic at any but I slowly started to get the hang of it whilst the itunes playlist of James Bond Themes filled the room.  I wish I’d dressed more appropriately for such an occasion, as the more I learnt the more I felt like I wanted to jetset to Las Vegas and play the games for real! I found the thrill of the games so delightful I was slightly taken back someone like me could enjoy them so much.  

I’m not a big drinker and to be quite honest I will often not drink at all if I am out. Having a cocktail is how I treat the way I think about having some cake or a biscuit… it’s a yummy treat! Everyone once in awhile is perfect! I decided to create a list of a few classic James Bond cocktails that have been featured in the old films.  I’ve popped a couple below – give them a go.



2 parts white rum 

1 part lime juice 

top up Soda water 

 10 Mint sprigs 

1 part Ice cubes 

1 Lime slice 

1 teaspoon Sugar  

This cocktail is from the 2002 hit, Die Another DayFirsty put the mint leaves into a Collins glass and squeeze the lime juice over them, Add the sugar and then pop in the mint, lime juice and mix it together then crush. To complete this fab cocktail stir in the rum and top off with soda.  


6 Parts Vodka 

1 Part Dry Vermouth

1 Whole Green Olive 

1 Twist Lemon

A well known phrase that used by many ‘Shaken, not stirred’ a term Bond used when getting a Vodka Martini.  This phrase was first used in the 1958 film Dr No

get this stylish drink looking and tasting lovely, fill a mixing glass
with ice cubes. Add all ingredients by popping them into a classic
cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon and a green olive… voila James Bond
eat your heart out! 

 It was so lovely to just to have a fun night in, it made a big change than just sitting in front of the TV not saying much to each other then going to bed.  I often forget that you don’t need to do loads to have fun, I laughed so much during our game playing and my boyfriend attempting to teach me!  We made cocktails with our Andrew James cocktail kit , 200 Cocktails book, played with our Waddingtons Number 1 Poker Deck Travel Case, had party food nibbles, watched Casino Royale and quite honestly ad such a fantastic night in! 

If like me you want to learn to play these fun games, it’s only a quick click away to Ladbrokes Casino





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    Hey! thank you for your kind words 🙂 xx

  4. October 30, 2012 / 9:16 am

    Hey! thank you for your kind words 🙂 xx

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    Dear, I'm a big fan too! I'm longing for a cocktail right now!!
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  6. October 31, 2012 / 8:39 pm

    Hehe I know, making them was loads of fun! Xx

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