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Warmth for Winter

I was in town working my way through a ‘to-do’ list (in a challenge Anneka style) when I realised how cold It was.  Even though the stress of limited time and non-stop power-walking kept me slightly toasty, my simple trench coat perhaps wasn’t the correct outerwear as I was somewhat chilly.  This got me thinking that I needed to change my current coat for something a bit more suited to the upcoming months, but what what would be good to buy?

As I went about the stores I realised most clothes shops were all part of major chains, and the majority had head quarters based in London. Being from the East Midlands it’s quite rare to find a good local fashion brand thats from the area, most tend to be situated in the capital.  However, (as I’d previously blogged about before) I discovered a superb company called Ruby+Ed who are from Melton Mowbray.  They have so many quirky items for men, women and children and are personally one of my favourite clothing companies.  They create so many  well made items, I love looking forward to each season to see what they’ll produce.

This season is no acception to that, as I’ve fallen in love with some of their AW12 items, but this time Ruby+Ed have decided to launch their new range with a video campaign to go with it.  

“Set in a forgotten world, we
follow a young woman, lost in the wilderness of a snow storm. Roaming across a
great industrial site filled with vast caverns of concrete, exposed brick and
abandoned railways, searching for freedom. Pursuing truth, we watch a slow
dance with magical snowfall, whilst the landscape is ravaged by unruly wind and
sleet. Small yet determined, curious
but powerful, playful and altogether otherworldly.Raw beauty that is both wild
and romantic”  

The video highlights some of the new trends this season and teasers the viewer with flashes of Ruby+Ed items you can buy yourself. 

I love big faux fur coats when the days are chilly, and out of the ones I’ve seen so far these ones from Ruby+Ed are amazing.  They’ve already been spied by Glamour Magazine – so if you’re thinking about getting one I think these are the best to go for. 

Hooded Fur Coat in Jet – £275.00

Ocelot Fur Jacket – £199.00

Siberian Stone Fur Jacket – £199.00

Personally I love the shorter jackets as you can wear them for nights out, or quite casually in the daytime.  I love the Ocelot fur jacket in particular as it’s got rich tones and looks fantastic.  Just in case you hadn’t realised all these ‘fur’ coats are faux fur, so if like me you’re anti fur then you can completely indulge in these beautifully made coats.  

If I can suggest anything pratical for the winter months, it’s to invest in a faux fur coat.  You know as well as me how awful the weather can get, and if like me getting cold makes you grumpy… I really suggest getting one! Remember “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”  … so get shopping for warmth this winter!

If faux fur isn’t for you check at some of their other cosy items... the ideal companions for a night in front of the TV!

Orchid Pink Velvet Bow Ballerina Slippers – £37.50

Orchid Pink Velvet Hot Water Bottle Cover – £27.50


What do you think? is faux fur good or bad?  What do you think of these Faux Fur Coats by Ruby+Ed





  1. October 9, 2012 / 10:18 pm

    I got sent one of their mini brochures, love the cute slippers and the faux fur looks great. They are in Burrough on the Hill, few miles from us in Melton Mowbray. If I didn't have to buy clothes for 5 people, I'd love to splurge!!

  2. October 10, 2012 / 5:43 am

    Ah I know. They are lovely though and a great investment as they come round in style each year xx

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