All Gloved Up

The coats are out, the hats are on and the scarves wrapped around our cold necks, it truly is the middle of Autumn!  My local fair has visited town, the University firework display has been and  yet for some reason this year I was totally unprepared for the occasions with my fingerwear!  I had my lovely AllSaints coat, warm boots and a scarf but no gloves…. all the ones I’d previously worn hadn’t been a good investment and looked tatty or out of style. So,  I made it my mission to hunt down gloves that would last…

p.s that’s meant to be a heart of gloves 😉

I’d seen so many varieties of gloves out on the highstreet, but could never find a good pair that would keep my pinkies warm and be well made enough to last.  I decided to look at the three types of styles I’ve decided to invest in and why…. leather gloves, mittens and woollen ones.

Classic leather gloves 

For an evening meal or for any dressed up occasions, I always believe having a pair of well made leather gloves is top of the list.  I usually would suggest in a classic black but i’m loving brown vintage inspired ones this season,  these gloves look great and more importantly keep your hands warm.  The only downside I’d say with keeping this as your only pair… they may look lovely but if it’s baltic outside then your fingers may well freeze! This gorgeous pair are vintage – bit of a bargain and do what they say on the tin…. plus leather gloves tend to look extremely elegant and quite glamourous.

Annie Bean’s Top Leather Glove Picks

Etre Touchy Hand-Stitched Leather Gloves: Olive with Ivory Trim – £240.00
John Lewis Contrast Band Button Detail Leather Gloves – £25.00
Divine Trash Numph Ria Leather Gloves in mustard – £24.00

Mittens Mittens – £19.95

Oh my I do love mittens!  I think it comes from the days as a child with the mittens that were held with fabric through your coat sleeves….if you’re reading this wondering what I’m on about, then I’m clearly showing my age! I adore mittens mainly because they 100% keep your fingers extremely toasty.  They are perfect for bonfire parties or a trip to the fair… downside? try picking items up with them…. then they aren’t so perfect for doing things with, but if keeping warm is your top priority – get some of these! I got these knitted lovelies from NELLY.COM and they keep my fingers nice and snuggly all day… Ideal for dog walking and general wamrth keeping!

Annie Bean’s Top Mitten Glove Picks

Ugg Bococa Mittens for women – £70.00
Topshop Cable Pom Pom Gloves – £10.00

Topshop Fur Mittens – £18.00



Woollen Gloves

My gloves are; Etre FIVEPOINT Wool Gloves: Victoria with Pearl Tips – £40.00

These gloves are well made, a fantastic colour and will definitely keep your hands nice and snuggly. You often find these sorts of gloves come in various fun colours which is the main reason I love them so much! These Etre gloves are entirely sourced and manufactured in
the UK and are 95% virgin wool and 5% mixed fibres.  They are amazing gloves not only for the obvious but for one major reason…. do you hate it when your phone bleeps and your gloves are on?  You know you’ve got to expose your fingers to the cold in order to use the touch screen… right?  Not with these bad boys! Honestly the most genius pair I’ve ever owned, as you can still use touchscreen devices without having to take them off!  How cool!  

                                              Annie Bean’s Top Woolie Glove Picks

Etre FIVEPOINT Wool Gloves: Fairisle with Pearl Tips – £40.00

F&F Lattice Pink Gloves – £5.00
Alice Hannah Pleated Ruffle Gloves – £23.00

There you have my top glove picks in three styles, as you can see each work well with different situations.  I do actually have one type of each glove style, I think it’s good to be different with how you keep your fingers warm this AW12.  Do you think these three types are the key styles to invest in?  If so what do you like the best?





  1. November 13, 2012 / 9:34 pm

    I love finding a good pair of gloves! Mittens are adorable though, you can get so many different types! X

  2. November 15, 2012 / 11:18 am

    I still have mittens on a string through my coat! x

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