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Snowboard & Ski Bean; Jackets AW12

The time of year has come when I’m gazing at snowboard gear and dreaming about the days on the slopes….that’s right the snow season is coming!  I decided as Christmas wasn’t too far away that I’d give you my favourite ski and snowboard bits to buy.  I’ve hunted about and chosen my hottest bits to get your paws on, beginning with the key item – the jacket! 

First things first if this is to be your first season out in the mountains – do not panic! That’s my first bit of advice. 

I remember when I got a last minute place on a school ski trip (many moons ago), as excited as I was about going I was really nervous about it all.  For me I think my fear was getting stuck up the mountain without being able to get down! Daft I know, but it did bother me as I didn’t have a clue how to ski or to snowboard.  I don’t think I enjoyed that particular trip due to that fear, and because in those days I was typical teenager…more bothered about the boys and their actions than my snow actions!

After that ski trip I unfortunately didn’t touch ski or try snowboarding at all until 2008/2009, when  I went and lived in Val d’Isere to do a season. Whilst out there I was extremely lucky to be able to have a go at both skiing and snowboarding,  I’d bought a Salomon board before I left the UK and was allowed a free hire of skis throughout the entire season.  The beauty of this was that it allowed me the freedom to do whichever whenever I pleased! 

My board!

Personally as much as I loved to board, skiing was infact easier to pick up initially.  With boarding I found it harder to grasp the basics mainly because of me being a surfer before I learnt to board. By this I mean that even though both sports appear similar, how you hold yourself isn’t…my bum certainly learnt that one the hard way!  
That all aside, if any of you have read my blog you’ll know I did a typical skiing injury whilst on my season by tearing my ACL…. clever girl!  I was skiing but was cut up by a french guy which caused me to fall backwards and I felt my knee go. Very long story short I’ve since had two major reconstruction knee surgeries, but I have worked hard to get my knee back and have since ran half marathons.  I am pack on the saddle now and I’m really proud of that! Hurrah!

I last hit the slopes in 2009, so this year I began to get itchy feet to head back out there.  Trust me I am anxious about the idea, but I know I want to be that girl who enjoys the snow again so I’ve decided (as a way to boost my confidence) I’m going to start from scratch and have lessons and ensure I don’t injury myself again. If
you’ve never done anything with snow before I’d encourage the dry slope
for lessons before the mountains, then I’d suggest hunting for the gear
to keep you warm and dry.

Val d’Isere Down Hill ski races 2009

For me personally I get on well with Nike, Westbeach, Roxy, Nikita and Billabong for snow gear but once you get into an item you’ll discover what feels best for you.  Without sounding like an old lady, comfort and warmth really is top as there is nothing worse than being frozen out on the piste…. You will find towards the end of the season you can sometimes head out in a hoody but getting a decent jacket is always needed.

For my first snow bunny picks post I’ve gone for jackets, however before we begin I need to warn you I love bright snowboard gear…but that’ll become more apparent as you read on!  As far as I’m concerned being visable is the best way forward!  These are some of my personal things I look out for when snow jacket hunting –

  •  Around
    the base of the jacket bottom look for clips or poppers – they can lock
    your jacket to your snow trousers…. which basically stops the snow
    from going down your trousers if you fall down!  This should be your top
    priority especially if you’re learning.
  • Velcro on the sleeves – means you keep the snow from going up them and can lock in your gloves. 
  • I love any jacket that somewhere for headphones to feed through
  • Has an inside pocket for your piste map
  • A hood!  Does help! 
  • Bright colours – Having a fun snowboard jacket and plain (colourful) snow trousers is how I rock the snow!

Nikita Matterhorn Jacket – £209.00

This jacket from Nikita totally checks the bright colours box! It combines volcanic red, shocking pink and ocean depths. I do love Nikita snowboard gear and their fantastic casual wear too – ideal for any apres ski time! 

DC Gumut Snow Jacket – £179.99

 Can’t beat a bit of plaid…. and in pink?! I love this DC Gamut Technical Jacket, it’s that happy inbetween style that can work for boarding or just cold days.  It also keeps moisture away
with 10K waterproofing and excellent breathability…. happy days!

Volcom Glove Insulated Miss Bloom Jacket – £170.00

I am a sucker for Volcom clothing and have been for years.  When it comes to surf or snow gear I will always without fail check out what Volcom have to offer.  The beauty about Volcom is that their items tend to be individual – so if being different is your thing, have a peak at their stuff.  The American brand was found in 1991… The goal of Volcom is to provide clothing to people who share a
passion for art, music, film, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and
… it certainly checks all those boxes!

Roxy Valley Hoody Snow Jacket – £169.99

 I couldn’t have a list of snowboard jackets without a bit of Roxy!  I do love Roxy and this jacket is amazing – teaming it with bright pink snow trousers is a fab way to make it stand out.  

Nike Saude Womens Jacket – £162.95

 I’ve never tried a Nike snowboard jacket but if my Nike snowboard trousers are anything to go by, then their jackets are amazing!  My trousers were really well created and technically perfect for snowboarding or skiing.  I love how this particular jacket has been designed and I love the colour!

Vans Sedgewick Snow Jacket in Paradise Pink – £179.99

Like I couldn’t have a list without Roxy, I couldn’t have one without a fluffy hood!  This one from Vans is a bit more girlie than the other but my gosh I loved it! Like some of the others it can be worn on the mountains and for chilly days off the mountains.

Those are my top picks I’ve spied this season, do you like them?!  Honestly the way I look at things is that if you’ve always wanted to try skiing or snowboarding make this season the time to try it!  There are so many dry slopes out there to have a go on and if you fall down… you fall down… you just need to invest in bum pads (something we’ll approach in one of my next posts!)

My advice is reading something that I started looking at when I began to surf, was a magazine called Cooler.   It’s a great combination of surf,snow and all the lifestyles that go with it, their website is pretty nifty for any tips and pointers.  I subscribed to their magazine and I like how it inspires you… if not try Zest magazine because for fitness related articles it always makes me feel like I want to get up and go and no doubt with the snow season creeping up there will be plenty on the topic! 





  1. November 20, 2012 / 5:40 am

    woah~ nice place..:O i never go skying..i hope i will go there someday..:)

    btw, love your blog layout.

  2. November 20, 2012 / 4:48 pm

    Nice blog 🙂
    Thank you for your messages on IFB:)

  3. November 20, 2012 / 8:45 pm

    I'm jealous of you growing up in Canada! I'm visiting there soon – I know I'll never want to leave! One way and its mountains… the other way and its the sea! 🙂 x

  4. November 27, 2012 / 5:54 am

    Very nice ski jackets, and very stylish too! Such a very beautiful place, it's incredible! It's like a postcard picture. I wish to go there and see the majectic beauty of Canada.

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